Sunday, April 18, 2010

MC2 Soapbox Part 2: Cattle Ships, Mr. Roboto and The Beetles!

Where's the Beef?  

Maybe it's on an Ocean Cruise!

Biggest livestock ship 
in record voyage with 


Robots Come In All Kinds of Shapes

Is That Bot Carrying an iPod?

Not exactly, 

but it is the programmable module of a

New Do-It-Yourself Bot

by Lego Mindstorms NXT

And of course, Wikipedia has an

Article about them,

You Bet, Red Ryder!

This is the
First-generation RCX 
programmable brick.
Red Ryder will be on the Next MC2
Post, about
What is happening to the
Comic Pages?
Along with "Who is 
Playing with
the Beetles at the

Wingman, Out!

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