Friday, April 02, 2010

MC2 Post 630: The Phones Begin To Tumble

How Does Verizon Mobile Hotspot 
For FREE Sound?

Verizon Mobile Hotspot on webOS devices 
now free, Pre Plus and Pixi Plus 
fall to $49.99 and $29.99


Pre Plus and Pixi Plus  $49.99 and $29.99

Lackluster Sales for WebOS phones and 
Apple Grabbing Mind Share This Weekend 
has forced Palm to Slash prices Drastically.

The Palm Pre Plus debuted at $150, but starting today 
is going for $50. 
The Palm Pixi Plus started at $100, dropped to $80 in 
February, and is now selling for $30. 

These prices require a two-year contract and a monthly 
data plan of $29.99 or higher.

In addition, customers buying one of these smartphones 
have the option to get a second one for free, but they also  
have to get a service plan for it. 

Free Wi-Fi Router Service

The Pre Plus and Pixi Plus come with software that allows 
them to function as Wi-Fi access points, sharing their 3G  
mobile broadband connections with up to five other devices, 
like laptops and handhelds.

Previously, using this service cost an additional $40 per month. 

Starting today, that fee has been waived.


The Palm Pre Plus Site: (Before the Price Drop)

216 characters! Ridiculus, Eh?



More To Come, I'm Sure. 
Apple Events Stirs Everything


Returns Tonight at 8:00
On SyFy Channel


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