Sunday, April 11, 2010

MC2: Post 639: A NEW DLP Rears it's 82-inch HD 3D Head (er TV)

DLP Rears it's 82-inch 

And You Thought DLP was Dead, huh?

From ZDNet
Wait Til You See the Prices: (Begin Drooling Now!)

Prices, Prices Anyone, anyone?

The 638 series starts at just $1,199 for the 60-inch WD-60638, with the 65-inch WD-65638 for $1,499 and the 73-inch WD-73638 for $1,999.

The step-up 738 line includes StreamTV Internet Media (or maybe call it Vudu like Engadget Did).

And a little Vudu wil cost You:

60-inch 738 set costs $200 more than the 638 of the same size, but the same-sized 65-inch 738 model costs $300 more than its 639 equivalent and the 73-inch 738 costs $400 more. Unlike the 638 line, the 738 series does include an 82 incher, the $3,799 WD-82738. 

Let the Good Times Roll...


How About This Bad Boy as a Sidekick?

New CableCard tuner lets 
your Windows 7 Media PC 
record four HD shows 

A new CableCard tuner from Ceton. Called the InfiniTV 4 and now available for pre-order, this PCI Express x1 card lets your PC record up to four HD shows at the same time, which doubles the capabilities of my current cable set-top box. Better still, it will stream HD broadcasts to other HDTVs around your home via Media Center Extenders (of which the Xbox 360 is the most popular).

You’ll still have to wait until May 31 for the tuner, and you’ll pay $399 for it.


Wingman Watches the TUBE Too!

Laker's Today at Noon,
Channel 707
abc7 HD

Playoffs Start Next Sunday

On TNT. 

For You Fringe Fanatics Like Me, here's a
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