Monday, April 05, 2010

MC2 Post 633: Everything Shaky and Shaking

A Shaky Weekend for Everyone, 
Except Apple

300,000 iPad tablets sold by Apple on Saturday.

The Numbers Just Keep Getting Incredible, 
for something the Media was 
Ho-Hum about.

New iPad Users downloaded a million Apps and 250,000 eBooks.

Trekkie Jobs says that iTuned out to be, on average,
a download of  "three apps and close to one book per user."


Have an iPhone You Don't Want?

HTC HD2 WinMo Phone
on T-Mobile

Get $350 on a New HD2 "WinMo" phone and dumping the apple.


Paddle PIX on Wingman's HP Compaq
running Windows 7

Evigroup's Paddle PIXs running 
Windows 7

The Atom Powered Paddle is going to have a tough time  
with battery strain. 

And the "extra-special" 3D interface called "Scale" hasn't 
seen the Light of Day Yet.

Link 2 the PIXS:


Twitter Logo

The First News Out of Baja California's 7.2 Quake yesterday was 

provided by, you guessed it,  Twitter.

It is an amazing on-the-spot reporting App.


ELO's (aka Wingman) 

The Tweets found a way to communicate, while the Heavy-Weight News agencies merely reported what they were getting from Twitter. 

Another place where the small and fast outpaced the old dinosaurs of Media.

Makes you think what all those advertising dollars is really giving us.


I use Twitter for quick News Updates.

Wingman also uses the iPod Touch App TweetDeck, Facebook and QuakeWatch.


Also on Twitter @FoxSportsWest:

Happy Opening Day SoCal baseball fans!
Dodgers at Pirates - 10A on PRIME HD
Angels v. Twins - 6P on FS West HD

Charter Channel 738.

3D Movies Rule the Easter Weekend

1. Clash of the Titans - $61.4m  3D
2. Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married Too? - $30.2m
3.How to Train Your Dragon - $29.2m  3D
4.The Last Song - $16.2m
5.Alice in Wonderland - $8.3m  3D

Didn't the 3 out of 5 
Jump Out At You?


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