Thursday, April 22, 2010

MC2 Post: 649 A Gentle Dusting of Discover - EarthDay 2010

A Gentle Dusting of Discover 

( magazine on )

Earth Day 2010

The May issue of Discover magazine, the one with The New Moon on the 

cover. Had a cover article called: "The Power of Dust".  It reminded us 

about how the dust winds of Africa affect the Rain forests in South America.

And how the Dust Winds of China do the Same to Hawaii.

It also retold the devastating story about the American Dust Bowl and the 

ecological problems we produced as we tamed the West.


Dust Bowl

Also Known as the Dirty Thirties

Discover Magazine Talks about Dust.

Get Blown Away by Dust


Getting a Close Look at a Dust Demon


Stunning Stardust


And kinda Dust related Phoenix program on 
Modern Marvels.

History HD
Modern Marvels Desert Tech 
Channel 773




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