Thursday, December 31, 2009

MC2 Post 560: The End Is Near: 2009


The Buzz About The "Possible" 

Apple Tablet

Apple Tablet Event - Apple to miss Windows 7 support date



Apple Event To be held January 26

Google Story Links to Apple Tablet "NEWS"

The Seattle Times tells us the Apple Tablet 

hype meter approaching 10


Link to All 435 News Articles: 


  • Twitter
  • iPhone
  • Facebook
  • You Tube 
  • Android Phones
  • HD TV

Wingman Speaks TECH and MEDIA


Happy New Year !!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

MC2 Post 559: The Funk of 2009. With No Wagnalls

Approaching the End of the Decade with a Bad Cold...

Not very Lyrical But True.

Even my banana and Cheerios tastes funky.

The Funk part came from listening to too much Superfly and Shaft on my iPod Touch.

Oh Yeah, We Built This City on Rock and Roll by Jefferson Starship  

is  Also part of my Retro Collection.

The Superfly Cover (I mean Album Cover) came from 

the Link Below, where there are lots of others 

that bring back memories, which is really what the past 

is, isn't it?

Of course the allusion way above has to do with encyclopedia of an earlier 


The Funk and Wagnalls edition that became 

part of Microsoft's Encarta digital version.  

There's an article about That in the New 

Open Online Encyclopedia Called Wikipedia.



Wingman, Still Not Feeling Too Good.


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Post 558: Need To Fix the 10 Biggest Windows Bothers ?

How-To-Geek Gives us How-To Fix 


10 Biggest Windows Bothers

Not everyone has the Same Annoyances in Windows, 

so the List Could easily be cut down a bit.  

But They Still Are Worth Looking Over to see what 

You might want to check off your personal "Bother List".

Link Here:


And Let's File This Under:

Isn't It About Time?

China introduces women-only car park... 

with extra wide spaces 

to cater for their 

'special needs'

Wingman: You have to Like the Color Scheme too!  

Purple and Pink Lights

I Don't Make This Stuff Up, you Know...


Monday, December 28, 2009

Post 557: Crossing the T's and SlashDoting the I's

Filed under: 

If It Looks like a Dog and Smells Like a Dog, 

it's a Dog


Chinese Pirates Launch Ubuntu That looks Like XP.

Still Being PAID by The Letter, Eh?

That's 200 characters to 26, That Is A Problem...

Use TinyURL PLEASE ! :


A Tisket A Basket, A iPod Touch APP-sket.

These are my current APPS on 

my iPod Touch:

Snap A.

Snap B.

Snap C.

That 146 Apps.

And Lots of Other Stuff...


A popular Book Title of the Near Past is:

"What Would Google Do?" 


A Current "Flip" Could Be: 

What Are Some of the Things 

Google IS Doing NOW?

For Example:   

35 Google Open Source Projects 

That You Probably Don't Know


Wingman, Looking For More Cool Apps...

And Open Source Projects...


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Post 556: Is XO Really A Knockout or Knockoff?

OLPC Unveils Tablet-Like 

XO Computer 

at Below $100

Of Course XbitLabs Says The Problem 

with this new Incantation 

is that it can't run Windows...

Is That Really a Curse or a Blessing?


Linux and Apple Don't Need To Run Windows,

And They're Doing Just Fine Thank You...

(It's Actually, Their Biggest DRAW!)


Wingman, Just Saying, You Know...


Saturday, December 26, 2009

MC2 Post 555:

The Day After Christmas 2009

Wingman is Now running Windows 7.

No Blog Yesterday...

Come on, I Do Get Christmas Off.

As the Blog Post Number Shows I'm at 555.

A significant Radio Shack number
(for Me, and I have a Lot of Them).

It means a timer IC chip for adding a timer to your home projects.


Would You Believe Someone turned IT (pun intended) into

an Ear Ring.

For family readers, No that's Not Jared, 

In the Picture...

There are Lots of Other things you can do with a 555 timer.

And Speaking of Pictures I've just re-installed CoolIris to Windows 7.


And Yes, They Have a Blog Too, which is 

Linked Here:

Wingman was a bit skittish while installing the Windows Upgrade 

Two Whole Days Ago.

The Power Went Out During the First Part of the Install.

I said to myself,  "Oh No!, Here we go again..".

But a few minutes later, when the Power came on again, I started the

Process over again (crossing my fingers).

In the Words of Governor Terminator

"No Problemo!"

I said to myself, "Hmmm.  Windows may have Something This Time around."

I mean, it's not Ubuntu's ease for the Install (Or most of the Other Top-Tier Linux 


But Not Bad.

Not Bad at All.


Wingman, seeing what this thing called Windows 7 is All About.

Stay Tuned.


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Post 554: Christmas Eve


Christmas Eve 

Merry Christmas from HP!



Yesterday, December 23, 2009, in the mail Wingman received a blister-pack envelope with 2 DVD's and an installation fold out.  

Disk one was HP Upgrade Assistant and Disk 2 was Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade Media.

To This I can Heartily say: "Thank You HP, that was nicely done a day before Christmas Eve !!!"



Recognize This?

What about This ???

The Creators of VLC Are Going To Release A Video Editor called: VLMC VideoLAN 
Movie Creator:

VLMC (VideoLAN Movie Creator) is a free video editing software,

offering features to realize semi-professional quality movies,

but with the aim to stay simple and user-friendly.

VLMC will be available very soon in a pre-release version for 

Linux, Windows 

and Mac, stay tuned !

You can fetch the current working tree using Git:

git clone git://




Preliminary Pixs of New XO Tablet:


And a anticipated price of $100 Bucks, 

This Does LOOK Good!


Merry Christmas


Your Friendly Neighborhood Blogger:



Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Post 553: HDTV:


HDTV: What's It All About, Alfie?


Broadcast HDTV and ATSC

recording primer

This Pretty Much Explains it All.



Top 5m USB TV Tuners

Answers the questions abour OTA HDTV Tuner Cards.



Get a USB TV Tuner for $29,99 shipped

TV tuner-DVR in a box



HDTV Tuner Card to Superman Your PC

If your computer is connected to a Wide Screen Flat Panel Monitor,

You Need This!


Wingman, Looking At HD TV's.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

MC2 Post 552

What Can you do with a Netbook 

besides Surf?

Intel Seems to Think Quite a Lot.

First, they're Bumping Up the Processors...

Intel's next-gen Pine Trail Atom processors announced.

Broadcom's Crystal HD tech Gives New Life to N450-based Netbooks.

Broadcom's Crystal Brings 

True HD Playback on NetBooks???

VID: Broadcom Crystal HD Solution.


A Torrent of Atom N450 Netbooks 

coming Jan. 11, 2010.

From Engadget:

The Long awaited move to the Pine Trail

platform is set to go off with

a pretty major bang of vendor support

come next month. Acer, ASUS,

Lenovo, and MSI are all said to have lined up

their N450 wares --

we know that for a fact with Lenovo --

and are now awaiting Lord Intel's

predetermined date to start shipping.

We're also hearing the even faster N470 chip

will start making the rounds in March 2010.



What's In an Atom N450 NetBook?

ASUS Eee PC 1005PE Review



Wingman, Watching the Small Stuff...


Monday, December 21, 2009

Post 551: The Cool and the Crazy..

3 New Atom Chips from Intel

Intel  lifted the curtain Monday on the 

three new Atom processors and the low-power 

NM10 Express chipset that make up the hardware platform 

codenamed Pine Trail. 

The single-core Atom N450 is intended for netbooks, 

while the single-core D410 and dual-core D510 were 

built for what Intel formerly called nettops but now refers to as 

entry-level desktop PCs.



Leaping Lizards Smuggling

Lomita man Tries to smuggle 
15-Live Lizards through LAX.



Barnes & Noble (BNK.N) to 
compensate for late Nooks-report

Dec 21 (Reuters) - Bookseller Barnes & Noble Inc (BKS.N) plans to give a $100 

online gift certificate to consumers who ordered its Nook electronic reader 

but won't get it in time for Christmas, a post on online publication 

The Consumerist showed.




Sunday, December 20, 2009

MC2 Post 550: The Good News and The Bad News

Good News 1.

HDTV Christmas Sales at 

Best Buy, Sears and Target Stores:

135 to 26 characters.  Remember when writers were paid by the Letter?  That's what it reminds me of; Chicken Feeders.

Also Good News.

iPhone Now the Punching Bag of SNL.


Jimmy Fallon and the Nerdy Guy Yuk it Up

Late Night Style (videos)

The Bad News

"Remember that any praise of Windows 
doesn't go unpunished.."

BSOD the sequel.

This Weekend, I suffered my first BSOD on my less than year-old Vista machine.  

I was just about ready to offer some praise to the little beastie, 

for being kinda-sorta stable.

After an hour of pushing buttons it restored to a 

previous setting.  


Wingman, still sweating the little stuff...


Saturday, December 19, 2009

MC2 Post 549: Best Sellers on the iPod Touch/MP3 Players

I've always been a Fan of Books.  

Worked Part-Time in the College Library, when I went there in the 60's.  

I wanted to to be a Writer.  I'm still working on it.  So it comes as no surprise that 

my favorite App for any Digital Device is an App that let's you download Books.  

I'd Like an eBook Reader like the Kindle, but I don't think it's quite there yet.  

And the price is still too high for us regular folks.

A couple of years ago I signed on to Audible and that has changed quite 

a lot of things.

The Funny part about that is that it required an MP3 Player that worked on 

Windows or the Mac.  

I had neither, being a born-again Open Source Guy that was in awe of Linux 

(still am).  The little OS that could do So Much More, and being Open Source.  

I was a Fan of Linux before it became the favorite of Builders of Super Computing 

Clusters.  And Lately a Favorite of Smart Phone Builders.  

But Still Not compatible with Audible...

Proprietary vendors thought of Linux as an ugly sister that they were not interested 

in dating,  let alone supporting.  

I did have an Windows XP work machine that I had access to, so I went for it.

My first compatible MP3 Player was a 2gb Creative Zen Stone Player.  The one with 

the battery draining but neat (and ultra tiny) OLED blueish display.

It had an FM tuner, Voice Recorder, Clock, stored MP3's and was Audible 


This Player has Served me nicely, with over almost 300 mp3 songs and  5 audible 

books totaling 95 plus hours of reading.

I filled that up pretty quickly, so I picked-up another Creative Zen Stone without the 

OLED, but with a speaker.  The Creative Zen Stone Plus, in Black:

It too Filled-up quickly.

Then the Apple iPod Touch caught my attention.  

Really as an bigger storage device.  

8GB as opposed to 2GB.

I didn't Even have an inkling what a Dang unbelievable Computer that Fit in

my pocket was going to do to me.

Not a Clue!

You don't want to know how many gadgets I have on my little baby.  

For over a year I didn't even put books on it.  

Can't do it with Linux.

Because of iPod Touch, I bought a Windows Vista Desktop.  Yeah, I know.

Dissuaded to join the ranks of the security unholy.  

Why, because of the marvel of a machine the iPod Touch is.

It IS a Cultural and Technological Shift.

I can't state it any other way.

I became in Awe of Technology again.



Friday, December 18, 2009

Post 548 An A-Z Index of Windows XP command Line


A A-Z Index of Windows XP command Line

Yep! This IS the Link:



How-to-Geek Shows You How-To

Create Customised Desktop Wallpapers Collages with Photovisi


Also Beautiful.,..


Apple stonewalls VLC

Not good enough


But Most Techies KNOW that VLC is Fantastico !!!

Get It HERE, NOW !

Link to VLC:


Wingman Loves VLC and XP's Too !!!