Sunday, February 24, 2008

80th Academy Awards

The Book

The Motion Picture.

The Movie of The YEAR


Best Adapted Screenplay

Best Directors

Best Supporting Actor

Best Movie of The Year.

Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes.

This Link is to and their review of NCFOM.

BLOG: A Pocket Full of Miracles-MP3 Players

I purchased for My Wife for Valentine's Day an MP3 player.

The Creative 2GB Zen Stone Plus pictured here. About the size of a fat thumb. I installed 150 of her favorite songs and the audiobook "Pillars of the Earth". (40 plus hours of listening for the book).

Long time readers of my posts, on my many Blogs, have often heard me criticize the Apple iPod.

I have repeated said: "No One needs to carry around with him 15, 000 of his or her 'favorite' songs."

Okay, the Great Composers maybe, but for us ordinary music lovers that ability is simply overkill.

Especially at .99 cents each that would cost "roughly" 15,000 dollars! (The sound you hear is Apple smiling with lots of coin jingling in their pockets, all the way to the Bank).

On that pointy point of accounting I remain steadfast.

But recently a deluge of moderately priced mp3 players have hit the market that Apple created.

An iPod is really just an MP3 Player, that Apple has cleverly marketed as "A Simply Delicious Fanboy must have". But now low-price changes the "playing field" (pun intended).

And Add to this must-take-along mix, audio books by and a new form MEDIA player takes shape.

Remember the often forgotten tenet of the WWW is "Content is King".

And yes, the latest iPods are still doing nicely, an advertised Sale on Frys Friday AD boast a mind-boggling 160 GB (hard drive) of storage, enough to hold 40,000 songs. I dare say some of your least favorite songs might be able to sneak in there. It sells for $349.00 on sale!

The lower priced mp3 players, (read: Non-Apple and well under $100), of 1 to 8 GB of flash memory storage work quite nicely than you.

The 2 GB Creative Zen Stone player pictured above, holds over 200 mp3 songs and two audio books, with room for a third to be added shortly, (most likely the recent Best Seller: Einstein).

That really IS a pocketful of miracles.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Bush says: Shoot Down The Bird

Filed Under: Let's give it a Shot!

The Spy Satellite crashing back to Earth, that I mentioned here a while back has become More of An Issue. It seems the Electronics-On-Board are just too Top Secret to get into the Wrong Hands (China, Russia).

So we, being a gun-ho society of late, are going to shoot it down. Never mind that we haven't ever Done-That-Before. We don't want the pieces to be put on Ebay and start a Bidding War.

This Idea has raised eyebrows.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

2 1/2 back in 4 1/2

Well the 100 day War is over and things are getting back to "normal" in tinsel town.
The Writers get a piece of the internet too, like they deserve, which should have been a no-brainer. But Hollywood loves to shoot itself in the foot, and hobble around, bleeding.

I don't have the numbers on hand, but rentals of videos went through the roof December and January.

And Online Fare (are you listening Hollywood?), is getting easier and better all the time.

Here are the returning shows posted on E! online. Link Here:

It's Showtime for Heroes, Office, CSI
NBC Out First with a new Saturday Night Live slated to air Feb. 23.
6 to 8 new episodes between now and MAY.
The Office will squeeze in 6 new episodes--first show on April 10.
5 new shows for 30 Rock also returns April 10 and same for Scrubs and ER.
My Name is Earl is shooting for April 3 return.
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit returns April 15.
Original Law and Order will return April 23.
But Heroes, Chuck and Life will not return UNTIL THE FALL.
CBS Return Line-up for 14 prime time shows, including Two and a Half Men, How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory should return March 17, each with 9 new episodes to end the season.
CSI:Miami is set for March 24 return with 8 new episodes and Cold Case on March 30 with maybe 5 episodes.
April brings a few more, with Criminal Minds and CSI:NY back on April 2, with 7 new shows, and CSI and Without a Trace due back April 3, with 6 new episodes each. Ghost Whisperer and Numb3rs returns April 4 with 6 episodes each.
NCIS, back on April 8 with 7 new episodes, and Moonlight, back on April 11 with 4 new episodes. Rules of Engagement returns on April 14, with 6 episodes.
FOX has not announce it's schedule, except for lots and lots of American Idol.

And it did confirm that 24, originally set to count-down its seventh season last month, won't be back on the air until January 2009.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Music's Biggest Night

50th Grammy's
some of the night's winners:

Alycia Keyes Best R&B Artist

Foo Fighter win Grammy for Best Rock Album

"Echoes. Silence, Patience and Grace"
OS ANGELES (Reuters) - British soul singer Amy Winehouse and hip-hop star Kanye West, both recovering from personal tragedies in the past year, won four Grammy Awards each on Sunday and remain in contention for more of the music industry's top honors.

Winehouse, 24, won two key Grammys -- song of the year for her signature hit, "Rehab," and best new artist -- as well as awards for female pop vocal solo performance for "Rehab," and pop vocal album for "Back to Black," her breakthrough release.

Winehouse, who received six nominations, was unable to bask in the public acclaim. She is in London, being treated at a rehab clinic for a drug problem that kept her in the headlines for much of last year.

She was scheduled to perform both "Rehab" and another tune, "You Know I'm No Good," via satellite from a recording studio later during the Grammy telecast. She will compete for record of the year and album of the year at the end of the ceremony.

West, 30, who led all Grammy contenders with eight nominations, won his awards in the rap field.
He will also compete for album of the year and best rap/song collaboration.

Herbie Hancock wins album of the year Grammy
11:32pm EST

Grammys pays tribute again to Beatles
9:39pm EST

Comics win New Zealand's first Grammy in 24 years
9:01pm EST

Amy Winehouse wins Grammy for best new artist
8:58pm EST

Amy Winehouse wins song of the year Grammy
9:52pm EST

Bluesmen finally get their due at the Grammys
9:24pm EST

Amy Winehouse to perform at Grammys via satellite
9:01pm EST

Amy Winehouse wins record of the year Grammy
Monday Morning:

Amy Winehouse wins 5 Grammy's.

All of Last Night's WINNERS

Monday, February 04, 2008

TWeTW The WeekEnd That WAS


The Lakers stumbling into the L-o-n-g-e-s-t road trip of season, picked up a little good luck by signing 7 footer Pau Gasol
It was an unbelievable finish to a Super Bowl Game, with less than a blink or two on the clock, but Eli Manning and the Giants Beat Tom Brady and the Patriots. Period.