Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bynum Injured again in Memphis

Bynum Injured in Memphis

Four Screen captures of Half-time replay of Bynum injury.

MRI for Bynum in New York.


Friday, January 30, 2009

Forget Netbook, Think Cloud Book: Wingman.

Forget Netbooks, Think Cloud Book:
according to the Wingman's Blog

First, there's no real definition of a Netbook. So let's say: under $300 price point, uses flash SSD's and no Optical reader.

Oh, and it should be smaller than a traditional Notebook and bigger than (if you can find one) a tablet computer.

I'm not talking Negroponte's One-computer-for-every Child here, the one that was going to be under $100 dollars.

And I don't mean the New $10 laptop being introduced by India next month (Feb. 3), whatever That is.

Link at Engadget:

and I still see the iPod Touch as the current Cloud Book, but still under powered chip wise, and the battery sucks...

Wingman talking

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Post 303 -- 35 Million Netbooks in 2009

Post 303 --

35 Million Netbooks in 2009


From Daily TECH:

"The netbook category is the hottest computer category posting the largest growth numbers in all of the market. Many consumers are choosing netbooks because they offer a low price entry into computing. Some are buying netbooks not for the price, but for the portability that the machines offer."

ABI Research also stated that they expected 139 million Netbooks would ship by 2013



Monday, January 26, 2009

Post 302 -- The Road To AMD's 45-nanometer Shanghai.

AMD low-power chips headed for HP, Dell servers


If you're of the mindset of leting the Chips fall where they may, you're losing business.

Just like SSD's have become a big deal (because of cost savings), so have low power, faster chips in smaller form-factored format.

The Future is for the Fast, low power consumption and enviromentally Green.

Green is In.


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Post 301 -- SSD's: The State of Solid State

Like a Senator once said about the deficit, "A SSD GB here a SSD GB there, pretty soon it becomes Serious Storage...".

Well over in Vegas this Week, they had the Storage Visions Conference, where Samsung Electronics has introduced its latest solid state disk (SSD) offering a 100GB "green" hard drive that promises to cut energy costs by 75 percent over typical hard disk drives.

Some Facts about SSD's:

High-end HDDs run about $4 to $5 per gigabyte and SSDs are now about $50 to $60 per gigabyte. That's a price point more enterprises are willing to pay for SSD's faster response time over hard drives -- nearly 10 times greater -- The SSD, according to Samsung, uses 1.9 watts of power in active mode and 0.6 in idle compared to HDDs that need about 8 to 15 watts in active and one to two watts when in idle mode. The average data center consumes energy equivalent to 25,000 households and that total energy consumption in data centers doubled between 2000 and 2006 worldwide.

Possible Upcoming MC2 Blogs
Netbooks, Laptops, What's the Difference? AMD says: "Not Much...".


JOLICLOUD: Your Next Netbook OS (Linux modified)????

Multi-Touch Hack For Android


Forbes Says: Seattle is the Most Wired City in America Check out the List Here:

Wingman Solid, man Solid.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Post 300 -- Fedora 10, My New-Old Friend

Screenshot of Fedora 10 Desktop

Late last night, in the wee, wee hours (around 2:00 a.m.), Here at Redux Manor, Fedora 10 Joined the Family.

And in the tradition of checking the Web for a Tips and Tricks website, I found the following Post Install Help Page:


PIX: Fedora 10 -- Tips and Tricks

The Linux Community is such a helpful bunch that it eases the transition from an older Distribution to a newer one by having a Tips and Tricks (new installation- Guide) to smooth away the bumps and/or pitfalls.

I've been following this Post Install Help Guide since Fedora 6 (and before that the SuSE Linux version).

Just about any Popular Linux Distro has one (Thank heavens, and Thank Community).

What is a Post Install Help Guide, you ask?

The Distribution's Install only tells you so much, and only installs the basic software for General Use --

A One Size Fits Many Approach.

Tips and Tricks goes the Extra mile and tells you about other Repos (repositories--compressed programs tailored to a specific distribution).

Especially about Multimedia Programs that differ from the original distribution's choices.

Example: Most Distros include a generic Media Player called Totem.

Totem is an OK media player (audio/video) with an easy and quick install.

A better choice, with much more versatility is My Favorite: VLC or Videolan.

In the early days, VLC was a bitch to install, with more than 30 dependencies (libraries) needed to fully run the program.

Nowadays, it's a Yum Snap if you have the right Repo, which Tips and Tricks always gives you.

Here's the command line that does the magic:

yum -y install vlc


So for the next few weeks I'll be tweaking Fedora 10 to My Preferences (old habits Are Hard to Break).

Wingman: With Linux, the World is New again.

Note: This Blog was created and posted
with the New Fedora 10

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Post 298 The DAY When Justice Needed a Prompt

Click Picture for You Tube Video
of Bungled Oath

Judicial Blunder Hear Round the World


It's Not Hollywood, It's the Inauguration.

So what happens when the Chief Justice Blows his Lines?

They have a D0-Over at the White House.

The only real blemish to an otherwise Wonderful Day For America and The World.

Wingman, shaking his head.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Post 297 -- England: Good Riddance of Ol' Rubbish

The Brits Do have a Way With Words

We just called him a Lame Duck.

Like the World, they've been paying attention to what happens across the pond, in the Colonies.

Front Pages Around the World
See America as Hopeful.

Wingman, Hopeful too.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Post 296 -- A Day for Obama, A Day for America

A Wonderful Picture of the
Resiliency for America

CNN Coverage of "The EVENT"

The Throng In The Mall

The British Papers

And The French Papers


Allowing the Images of the Moment Speak for themselves.

Tuesday January 20, 2009

Monday, January 19, 2009

Post 294 -- In 2010, USB 3.0, the Connection Killer?

CNet News is telling us
USB 3.0 will crush

eSATA and FireWire



Intel Chip Price Cuts!



Note: This post was out of sequence on purpose.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Post 295 -- Circuit City Flips Off the Switch

Another Era Closes

by Wingman

Before the the Big Box Computer/Electronics Stores, like Compusa, Frys, Best Buy and Circuit City became popular I used to shop at little Hole-in-the-wall Shops like PC Club.

Before that, I was a semi-regular at the Pomona Fairground's Computer Swap Meet which was open once a month on weekends.

At first I didn't even park in the parking lot (they charged $6 bucks).

Parking instead across the street at the small park next to the Fairgrounds and being much younger, I would hiked to the front gate.

I wasn't the only one who did that back then, after all spending extra savings money for this gadget or that had to be budgeted.

At the very least, to make the entrance fee of $7.00 worth it, I would buy a 50 pack box of 3.5 hd disks.
Sometimes two.

You have no Idea how many 50 pack boxes I have that I have not looked at in years.

I bought my first 1995 Linux Disk set at that swapmeet, a four cd boxed set of InfoMagic's Developer's Resource Linux for less than $15.00, which I still have.

After the likes of Compusa and PC Club lured me away from the Computer Swap (which I guess is still going on) I would have what I called the Saturday Two-Store Shopping day.

After work in Ontario, I'd drop in on PC Club and then Compusa to compare prices, and to see (sometimes drool) at the latest computer gadgets.

The two stores were across street from each other in Clairmont. One was mainly for hackers and the other more retail customer oriented.

The Mostly-Retail Outlet, Compusa closed a couple of years later.

Now it's Circuit City, the Mega Store that couldn"t compete in this struggling Economy.

These stores turned a hackers gadgets/plaything interest into something mainstream.

Nice stores, good selection and even some in-store repair work.

I have better hardware than ever thses days because of stores like that. It's been years since I've built my own systems. Like I use to do when I went to the Computer Swap.

The new flat panel HDTV I have in the bedroom came from our local Circuit City store that is closing down too.

Those shopping places, with like-minded customers, were more than just places to buy the latest gadgets.

It was a Place of Circuit City Dreams.

With their closing, I'm afraid part of that dream is gone too.


Note: Because of the Circuit City Closings,
Post 294 was bumped. It will appear out of sequence later this week.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Post 293 -- That's a Pretty Big Worm Dude

That's a Pretty Big Worm Dude
In the world of computers, viruses and worms come and go, but this Fella has been infecting machines at a pretty Brisk Pace.

Acccording to the News Post at the The linked here for details:

"Downadup (the worm's name)" has infected 6.5 million in the last four days.

Bringing the overall total to 9 million.

Of course it attacks a recent patched vulnerability in Windows

Wingman, glad he's running Linux, again.

Also at the Register:
It looks like AMEX is having security problems too.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Post 292 -- Now You See It Now You Don't

Bird of Prey Cloaks

They keep telling us how many of our Astronauts and Scientists grew up with the wonders of Star Trek and Star Wars and the Great Science Fiction Writers that gave Lift to their imaginations.

A recent book by Michio Kaku called "Physics of the Impossible", tells how close we are to making some of these impossibilities possible.

Kaku's Book Reviewed Here:

I'm "reading" it on Audible (my December selection).

Well it looks like another one of those
"Trekkie" things
is about to cross-over into reality:

The Cloaking Device.


Wingman, fading out...

Sidenote: A sad farewell to Ricardo Montanban, who I think his "Khan" on Star Trek Movie The Wrath of Khan SAVED the series...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Post 291 -- Will the Apple NetBook Please Sign In?

Will the Apple NetBook
Please Sign In?

I'm as guilty as anyone else. MacWorld Expo came and went and we were left pondering,

"Where is the World is the Mac's NetBooK?".

We were looking for something between the iPhone and the Air, and it never showed...

Then today I read a story on The Register about Sun Microsystems entrenchment and acquisition of Tools to enpower Cloud Computing. And their move to join the ranks of Net Storage Poviders. The reduced need for a full-Bore OS, and Mega-Storage.

It was when I sent an email to myself about this gathering of tools by Sun: Open Solaris, Java, MySQL, and New Cloud Software like Q-Layer and PyMonkey, (which reminded me a lot like Rocks Roll configuration program for their Simple Linux Cluster Creator), that something Edgar Allen Poe once said rang a bell.

The best way to hide something was to put it in plain sight.

I blinked and I saw Apple's NetBook. I was holding it in my hands and I had been using it for several months now.

It was the iPod Touch.

PymonkeyDev Link:

Wingman, really out!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Post 290 -- Yang Out, Bartz In

Jerry Yang Out,
Carol Bartz In
New Yahoo! CEO

We pretty much knew this was coming, what with the snafu with Yahoo and the Microsoft Taker-Over Bid Last year, where Jerry said: "No Thanks.."

MS wanted to pay roughly $43.00 a share, as of Today Yahoo! is at: $12.10.

The TWiTs with Leo Laporte and John C. Dvorak talked about the switch to Carol Bartz, and felt her Organizational Skills was just what Yahoo! Needed.

But Checking today's Grist Milling about, not everyone is so confident. The Links Follow.

The News:


The Spin:

The Background:

Her Previous Postion:

Wingman, and No a deal with MS would Not Be a Good Thing


Monday, January 12, 2009

Post 289 -- Did You Get Your 7?

Windows 7 BETA has been Released
And the Download Problems have been Plenty

After a hard Time Getting it Started On Friday, MS has decided to increase the Limits on Downloads for "Beta-Testers".

Limits Lifted

Why you might consider a Netbook?

Wingman, is Beta-Testing...

Friday, January 09, 2009

Post 288 -- The Gig (er, TB) Is Really UP Again!

Remember When This Much Memory
Was A Big DEAL?

SanDisk and Sony have just pushed the bounds
of Memory Stick PRO and
Memory Stick MICRO Formats to
(Now Get This!),

2 TeraBytes!!!

Wingman, Memories Are made of This.


Thursday, January 08, 2009

Post 287 -- Calling Dick Tracy, Calling Dick Tracy!!!

LG has just announced the GD910 will start production later in 2009.

The GD910 is a, now get this, a Watch Phone!

It comes with 7.2 Mbps HSDPA,
Bluetooth, speakerphone, video calling, voice recognition, integrated music player, and a touchscreen.


LG's GD910 Watch Phone

This is the Kind of TECH-Stuff that makes me Drool....

Pardon Me while I wipe my face....


Note: The Dick Tracy ART Site listed above is a Great Place to Browse and Purchase Rare Art and Comics.


Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Post 286 -- The Last MacWorld EXPO and No JOBS!

MacWorld 2003

MacWorld 2009

No Steve Jobs.

It may be more of an Economic Statement than one would THINK.


But first a liitle Bad URL's sidetrack:

In Twitter, there is something called TinyURL, which means a URL Link that is shortened to fit limited space Twitter.
The rest of ComputerDumb and I do Mean DUMB, doesn't know the Reasonableness of That Concept.

As a Bad Example, here's a LINK to a story about what MacWorld Expo should do without Apple as a Expo Exhibitor:


Does that Kind of LINK make Sense in any World?
A piece closer to the Reason Job's Ditched MacWorld: "Apple Shocks World, reveals it is a huge corporation"

is linked here:

And Yes, that is a much more reasonable URL Link.

The Bottom-Line for MacWorld Expo 2009:

A New MacBook Pro, some spiffy software called: iMovie (updated) and iWorks. And more DRM-less iTunes at a Lower and HIGHER Prices.

Okay, let's see what CES is going to do to take the Focus of the New Year away from MacWorld later this Week.

Wingman, with his fingers crossed.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Post 285 -- I Know What You're Thinking...

How Technology May Soon Read Your Mind
Remember the Science Fiction Movie with Tom Cruise called "Minority Report" ?

It was written by Phillip K. Dick.
A short story published in 1956 in the magazine Fantastic Universe.

A Police State that used "Mind Reading" to Prevent Crimes, was the gist of the movie and now that Science Fiction Idea is close to becoming Reality.
The 60 minutes report on the efforts are available

online at their Webpage.

Brain Scan Mappings is pointing to that ability and all the Ethical questions that raises.

The report said 3-5 years.

Wingman, looking for some foil.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Post 284 -- 2 Downers and 1 Upper to Start 2009

2 Downers and 1 Upper to Start 2009

Two stories in the New York Times point to a Slow turnaround in the US Economy.

Steel Industry problems follow
the Auto Industry debacle
like a Cold Hand in a Worn Glove.

The Times Paints a Credit Crunch Picture there too.

Economic woes affecting
Housing, Lending, Auto Industry,
Malls and MILk?

As Recession Deepens, So Does Milk Surplus

You can't Make a Cow

Stop Giving Milk,
like stopping an assembly line.

So the Extra gets turned into (get This)
Powdered Milk
And stored in HUGE warehouses that are
to Capacity!


Anything Out There that may Help
the Start of
A New Year?

How About

Or Rather, a Breakthrough
Technology that may Change

A patent granted last month for something called an UltraCapacitors, which is a Storage Battery Replacement Technology that was orinigally created to power Uber Electric Cars (like the Tesla)

can also be used in Laptops!

Same Size and Weight as today's batteries but 3 times the Power and can be recharged in 5 Seconds to Full Capacity.

Mentioned in
Security Now!

With Steve Gibson (Spinrite Fame)

He also mentioned a Problem with SSL,
A Last-Chance-Kit to build a PDP-8 microcomputer in the
episode (Linked Here):

Whew, I need a Rest.

(and No, I'm NOT pushing White Pagoda's
It's Just a Picture)

Okay, just one More:

NEPA goes global on Google
Pennsylvania on GoogleEarth
Streetview update.

From a Link in My Sidebar:
The Top 7 NEWS Roll

(under Google, one of the Seven)

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Post 282 -- Linux, Shakespeare and a Parade of Roses.

January 1, 2009. I begin the year with

Linux, Shakespeare and a Parade of Roses in HD.

Linux came in a magazine called Linux Format (my favorite) and spoke about releasing the Creative Juices that are within us all.

The Philosophy of Shakespeare's Plays came as an eBook download that was read on my iPod Touch, and it spoke about the hidden treasures in the Flizabethan Age.

And the Tournament of Roses came in a New Form, being broadcast in HD.

A New Beginning,
A Fresh Start.