Wednesday, April 07, 2010

MC2 Post 635: Let's Get Down To Big Brass Tacks

Apple admits its IPad can't do 
wireless very well

So much for connectivity

April Headline: C programming language 

back at number 1 position!



10 Google Hacks

to simplify your life

From Hack in the Box:
Google has proven itself to be the be-all and end-all of lifehacks.

From Search to Gmail, Google has completely revolutionized 
how we live, work and interact on the internet.

However, most Google users don’t fully take advantage of 
Google’s huge services suite. 
Some don’t see the point of apps like Latitude or Wave,
but for most, it’s because of a lack of 
knowledge about Google’s secrets.

The writers at TheNextWeb wanted to demystify the tricks 
behind making Google work more effectively for you.

So, here is their top-ten Google tricks to simplify your life.

164 characters vs 26 characters, Take your Pick.



Pointillist style could bring 
lifelike graphics to PCs


Wingman, with a Wing and a prayer. 
Lock and Load.


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