Friday, December 31, 2010

MC2 Post 900 Myspace facing up to 50% workforce axe tip insiders

Myspace facing up to 50% workforce axe,
tip insiders

Myspace execs are reportedly considering axing up to 50-percent of the struggling social network’s workforce, amid drastic cost-cutting measures intended to counter diminishing revenues and traffic growth. According to NetworkEffect‘s sources, as many as 550 employees could face redundancy should Myspace owner News Corp decide to go ahead with the plan; other strategies include selling on the social network, with both
online game company Zynga and private equity buyers both tipped.

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MC2 Post 899 Borders Looking Bleak Despite eReader Offerings

Borders Looking Bleak Despite eReader Offerings


MC2 Post 898 HTC Tablet to be Called HTC Scribe?

HTC Tablet to be Called HTC Scribe?



MC2 Post 897 Amazon Kindle Book Lending opens up

 Kindle Book Lending Opens Up



MC2 Post 896 iPads Dominate Holiday Gifts in Mashable Poll



MC2 Post 895 LG to Unveil Android Honeycomb Tablet at CES 2011?


MC2 Post 894 US Update: Skype video for iPhone

US Update: Skype Video for iPhone,

Android 3.0, 

Geinimi Android Trojan

Geinimi, a new Trojan affecting Android devices, has just emerged in China. This complex Trojan is being “grafted” onto repackaged versions of legitimate applications, primarily games, and distributed in third-party Chinese Android app markets.

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MC2 Post 893 Mitsubishi to deliver the 3D experience

Mitsubishi to Deliver the 3D Experience to your Home via Diamond 3D Projector


MC2 Post 892 iPad Grabbit Case

Helps You Keep A Grip On Your Tablet


MC2 Post 891 NASA Signs $2.5B Contract With HP

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MC2 Post 890 Gadget Thumbnails for 30-Dec-2010


MC2 Post 889 SitePoint's Craig Buckler's

Wingman Says: It's One of the Great New Tech Sites:

SitePoint's Craig Buckler's

3 Realistic Wishes for the Web in 2011



Thursday, December 30, 2010

MC2 Post 888 Don't Get Blown Away by the Wonderful Bluetooth

One of my Tech Gadgets for This Christmas was a 

Bluetooth Device.

It Looks Like this and it works with my 
Nokia Cell Phone

That was the reason for my adding the Bluetooth Icon to my Blog Picture.

Instructions for a Wireless Gear Bluetooth Headset




MC2 Post 887 Pictures of an Exhibitionist -- Open Source Developer

10 Linux and Open Source Developer Tools 
you Should Not Overlook


TinyURL: (Not Needed)

Tags: IDE, Linux, C, Eclipse, C++, Plug-in, Feature, Tool, Quanta, Bluefish

1: Bluefish

Bluefish is one of the most popular IDEs for Web development available. It can handle programming and markup languages, but it focuses on creating dynamic and interactive Web sites.
2: Anjuta

Anjuta is a free, open source IDE for the C and C++ languages. It’s easy to install (urpmi anjuta on Mandriva, for example) and offers such features as project management, application wizards, an interactive debugger, and a powerful source code editor (with source browsing, code completion, and syntax highlighting).

3: Glade

Glade is a RAD (rapid application development) tool used to create GTK+ toolkit and for the GNOME desktop. Its interface is similar to that of The GIMP and can be customized and even embedded into Anjuta. Glade includes a number of interface building blocks, such as text boxes, dialog labels, numeric entries, check boxes, and menus, to make the development of interfaces quicker. Interface designs are stored in XML format, which allows these designs to be easily interfaced with external tools.

4: GCC

GCC is a GNU compiler that works for C, C++, Objective C, FORTRAN, Java, and Ada. It’s a command-line tool but is very powerful. Many IDEs have tools that are merely front ends for GCC. GCC is actually a set of tools. The most used are the compilers for C and C++ code. How does one tool compile for different languages? Simple: For C, you invoke the “gcc” command and for C++, you invoke the “g++” command. Two compilers in the same toolkit. And g++ is a compiler, not just a preprocessor.

5: Kdevelop

Kdevelop was created in 1998 to be an easy-to-use IDE for the KDE desktop. Kdevelop is now released under the GPL and is free to use. It’s plug-in based, so you can add and remove plugs to create the exact feature set you need. Kdevlop also includes profile support so that various sets of plug-ins can be associated with specific projects. Kdevelop supports 15 programming languages, with each having language-specific features. Kdevelop also offers an included debugger, version control system (Subversion), application wizard, documentation viewer, code snippets, Doxygen integration, RAD tools, Ctags support, code reformatting, QuickOpen support, and dockable windows and toolbars. One of the best things about Kdevelop is that it takes much of the low level tasks out of the hands of the users.

Just a Taste of the Wonders of Open Source Development.


MC2 Post 886 iPhone 4 vs Nexus S Which (semi) smartphone is Right For You?

At One Time a Smart Phone was pretty smart, but Now in-the-new-reality they've been dumbed down pretty good.  So take the phrase SmartPhone the "press" tries to hand you with a Big Grain of Salt.



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MC2 Post 885 End of Year -- List of Lists -- Part Two

Part Two --  My Picks --


 First Off, the EZ Ones:

Song of the Year:

The Beatles on iTunes

Book of the Year:

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

(First eBook Best Seller)

Best Chrome App Store App
of The Year

Sports Illustrated Snapshot

The REAL "Man of The Year":

Julian Assange

Time just wimped out, badly.

Sport of the Year

World Cup

Technology of the Year

The Apple iPad

A loaned picture from the WWW
would sure make this Pop.

Wouldn't it Blogger?
More To Come...


MC2 Post 884 A $50,000 dollar Government Hack for 15 bucks (sorta).

ELO hand Drawn Inkscape GSM Logo 

because of 

Blogger's Problem

(  web 1.0 ?  )

GSM is the standard digital technology that allows us to make calls worldwide. But what we assume is secure has actually been proven insecure by researchers who demoed an easy way of eavesdropping on encrypted calls and messages.

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