Monday, April 12, 2010

MC2 Post 640: The Leech Speaks.....On Paper.

The Leech Speaks.....

Google has Long Been considered a Leech on Print Media, but CEO see's a Brighter Future for the News Media, particularly Newspapers.

His comments at American Society of News Editors on Sunday 
from an AP report  is 
posted here.


Last Week's MacBreak Weekly Podcast 

was an iPad LoveFest

With the 4 guests and Leo


over the release of the

New iPad by Apple

Not unusual for an Apple centric podcast, but the reasons for considering
the Apple iPad as a "Game Changer"
was very interesting.

The Top App for the iPad seems to be

The Book: The Elements, an eBook
about the Periodic Table
Raised to another Level of Usability.


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