Thursday, July 31, 2008

More Problems at nVIDIA

Just when things start to look good at nVIDIA,
another blast of Bad News to the Video Card Maker.

Figuring out which NVIDIA GPUs are defective...

According to ENGADGET:

" looks like basically every Geforce 8600M and 8400M chip is affected..."

That's not good news for NVIDIA, which has been saying that only "previous-generation" chips were problematic --

This is Not Good for nVidia and maybe even Apple's switch to the nVidia Chipset for their "New" Macbooks.
(see my blog titled: Apple Switch Graphic Horses in Mid-Stream?)


Casio's NEW SAT Tuned Wristwatch

Insides of
Casio's Oceanus and G-Shock
series Timespieces


What you see above is Designed to slip inside Casio's Oceanus and G-Shock series of timepieces, the new movement "features a high shock resistance and a hand position correction function using LED."

During the 55th minute of each hour, the movement receives time calibration signals from six bases located throughout the world; if the hands are off at all, it automatically corrects things to ensure that you're never a moment off.

Available in Japan
in September for $390.

Wingman winging it.

Apple Switch Graphic Horses in Mid-Stream?

Past, Present and Possible Future for MacBooks
AppleInsider is following the story about possible changes to the MacBook Graphic boards from Intel to Nvidia.

And with the recent problems at Nvidia with AMD's ATI video cards dropping their high-end cards to bargain basement prices this is sorely welcome at Nvidia.

Like I say so frequently:

Competition IS Good !!!

Wingman out.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

WAKE-UP CALL for California

After yesterday's Wake Up Call for Southern California in Chino Hills, the Real Necessity to be Ready for the BIG ONE is a friendly reminder.

The Great Southern California ShakeOut

November 12–16, 2008


The Great Southern California ShakeOut is a week of special events featuring the largest earthquake drill in U.S. history, organized to inspire Southern Californians to get ready for big earthquakes, and to prevent disasters from becoming catastrophes. These activities are based on the ShakeOut Scenario, a realistic portrayal of what will happen in a southern San Andreas earthquake.

Breaking News: MW 5.4 Earthquake in Chino Hills, CA

For the TECH centric:
During yesterdays quake
Cell Phone usage (according to one carrier)
SPIKED 700 percent

Wingman out.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Google has Competition? Maybe.

Google has Competition?
Maybe NOT.


It seems there's usually two sides to every story (on Network News-4-6).
Here's the CUIL (the new search engine invading Google's Domain) SIDES:

the INQUIRER's verdict of CUIL: Cuil is Not so Cool.

...and REALTECHNEWS asks:

Is Cuil Cool Enough to Take on Google?


And Speaking about Two Sides to Every Story:

HP says: XP is Still Killing Vista in Sales Volume:

Microsoft says: 180 million Vista licenses now sold.

Where does the Truth LIE? (pun intended).

And in honor (kinda), of Tarantino's
upcoming Movie introduction

"Hell Ride" (mid August 08),
here's a museum right up your Route 66:

New Harley-Davidson Museum:

The Story about the movie also came from WIRED (my Favorite mag).

Wingman: On the Road Again.

Monday, July 28, 2008

BATMAN Banks 300 MILL! Holy Box Office !!!

Batman break 300 million in 10 days,

X-files come in Fourth with barely 10+ million.
Scoop at the
Hollywood Reporter:

Sunday, July 27, 2008

On the Heels of The Dark Knight's Box Office Dominance: Mplayer for Windows?

Elephants Dream playing on Mplayer


Yes, The Award Winning
Open Source Movie Player

is Now Available for Windows.
Get it while it's HOT

I just recently switched over to Mplayer on Linux, being a long time supporter of Videolan (also known as VLC).

You know the one with the caution cones as an icons like the ones above.

Anyway, lately VLC has not been playing Nice with my recent upgrade to Fedora 8 and 9 (desktop, laptop) so I tried Mplayer and found out quite alot has changed since I first used it. many years ago.

And speaking of changes in programs, I also recently switched from Amarok music player to Banshee music player and I'm very happy with it as well.

And of Course, the Dark Knight is
STILL breaking every
Box Office record in History.
Approaching 300 million

in 10 Days???

And the critics were right about
Heath Ledger as "The Joker".

He was mesmorizing.

Wingman Out.

Friday, July 25, 2008

X-Files: The Movie Part 2

It's been way too many X-Days since the last X-Files movie hit the big screen with a "Thud".

The hit TV show that easily produced a "Movie" quality story-line week after week, with their monster-of-the-week just hit the right spooky note.

But it appears that stretching that hour to two hours loses something. Maybe it's the tightness of the hour format. Or maybe it was the size of the screen.

Close and personal.

Let's hope this offering delivers part of that elusive magic.

I Want to Believe.

Apple iPhone: No turn-by-turn navigation? Wait a Minute..

iPhone 2.1 beta.

Baby J is barely a week-plus and out comes iPhone 2.1 beta. It seems the GPS that many called: Weak has been punched up. Along with the GPS enhancement comes a "taste" of background Push notification service.

AppleInsider has the Scoop:

Wingman tracking Apple's Apps...

after thoughts:
Yesterday's Mac Break Weekly 99: Free the Fruits

Hosts: Leo Laporte, Merlin Mann, Arnold Kim, and Andy Ihnatko

Arnold Kim is from MACRUMORS

Wingman: Now I'm Done..

Thursday, July 24, 2008

MacBook Rumor Mill Cranking UP...

On Monday, Apple finance chief Peter Oppenheimer, turned the machine on with:

The rumour mill has further been fuelled by Apple finance chief Peter Oppenheimer in the company's recent quarterly conference call, on Monday.

"We are working to develop new products that contains technologies that our competition will not be able to match. I cannot discuss these new products, but we are very confident in our product pipeline," said trumpeted.

The source said the product should arrive before the end of October.


That was followed by some pretty "Snappy Apple" Numbers on Wall Street:

Good Apple Numbers

During the third quarter, the company shipped 2,496,000 Macintosh computers,
11,011,000 iPods and
sold 717,000 Iphone units.

According to Steve Jobs:

Apple "is busy finishing several more wonderful new products to launch in the coming months."



Macbook Touch ???
An informer for Macdailynews has come out with a variety of claims about a new device.

These include talk of a Macbook-sized screen in Iphone-like glass, with fully-featured multi-touch on Mac OS X.

Apparently, he believes this is why the company bought P.A. Semi - and the device may include Immersion's haptic technology which may allow tactile feedback, among other new touch-screen features.

Similarly to the Iphone, the device is purported to contain GPS, a DVD-RW drive and an accelerometer. It will be App-Store compatible, yet able to run standard Mac applications.

Apparently, the same informer has spoken to Macdailynews previously concerning over products tip-bits and has got the information right.


And another "KICK" of The Rumor Mill Machine
Apple plans mystery "product transition" before September's end

Wingman, watching the Mill-Bits Fall...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Details of DNS Flaw Leaked


"Despite Dan Kaminsky's efforts to keep a lid on the details of the critical DNS vulnerability he found, someone at the security firm Matasano leaked the information on its blog yesterday..."

Wired story:

This is Serious.

Even Steve Gibson on Security Now! will devote a couple of episodes of his podcast to discuss the details of the flaw AFTER Kaminsky presents it at Blackhat.

I heard about this lAST WEEK and new that ISP providers, Microsoft, Apple, Google and Yahoo were working behind the scenes to quickly PATCH the Hole.

More Info will be coming following Kamingsky's presentation at Black Hat this week.


CAT 1 Dolly
heading toward Texas Coast....(landfall around 8:00)

Reuters has the Full Scoop:

Wingman out.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Disney's Wall-E for $249

Yep, You can have you very OWN Wall-E TOY

Pre-order remote-controlled Disney's Wall-E for $249

Fedora 8 INSTALLED !!!

Using the Swiss Army Knife BILLIX installer I network installed Fedora 8.


Now I just have to Tweak it to my Preferences.

Happy-Happy Wingman out.

Fedora's Loving Arms

After a rough weekend without my favorite Linux Distro Fedora, as in FC-6,
I'm back Baby...
I'm Back!

Current Top Headlines
That I Find Interesting...

Sandisk:Windows Vista Not optimized for Solid State Drives (news.cnet)
Intel Slices Core 2 Duo Price (extremetech),2845,2326213,00.asp?kc=ETRSS02129TX1K0000532
Watching Live-TV On Your Ubuntu Desktop with Zattoo (May 2008)(RootPrompt)
(only available in Certain Coutries...)
Didn't Sean Connery play Zatto in a Sci-Fi Movie???
Green because the
X-Files Movie will be Out This WEEK...


Wingman retweaking Fedora Core 6...
Upgrading to Fedora 8, Real-Soon-Now...

Monday, July 21, 2008

A Dash Of ???? LIME?


Scientists think they have found a workable way to cut CO2 levels back to pre-industrial levels.


Simple, add Lime to Seawater.

Story from

Also, another excellent podcast over at Semi-Coherent Computing (deals with Big Boxes) which is at:, with an interview with Standford Professor Kunie Olukolun on Muti-Threads and Multi-Cores.

The Professor was part of the team that worked on Sun Microsystems, SPARC ONE.

This was top-notched podcasting...

Wingman out.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

It's Time to S###-Can Flash Player!!!

Google, Listen up! Flash Player is a Proprietary Landmine, and it's time to CAN this internet video player that thinks it's Microsoft, the early years.

Let's stop using video that is Only Flash Compatible. You Tube was important because you could play it with anything.

Limit the Playing Field and you Limit the Game.

When you consider that Linux is the OS that powers over 80 % of the High Performance Computers, it's time to strike back against proprietary backwater drones.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Computer Mouse: DEAD!

Say Goodsbye to the Computer Mouse..


A recent article by a Gartner analyst, says the days of the computer mouse are numbered.

The inroads of the Touchscreen (ala iPhone and HP TouchSmart IQ 770 PC) and the growing popularity of the Air-Mouse device for Nintendo's Wii called the Wii-mote, is changing the playing field 3 Dimensionally.

iPhone HP ======================= TouchSmart IQ 770 PC

Hackinthebox Link:

Wingman grieving the demise of mickey

Friday, July 18, 2008

Another Linux Format Magazine, Another DISTRO

(Note: Not the current issue.)

The July Issue of Linux Format magazine, a British publication, came with a dual sided DVD which contained UBUNTU 8.04 : Hardy Heron LTS and on the flip-side: Mandriva One 2008:Spring.

Being a long time fan of LINUX FORMAT (I get a copy almost every month at BN booksellers),

I've gotten a ton of Linux Distributions this way. Why an American company can't seem to do the same is beyond me.

A full PC Operating System (again, this month: two) for the price of a very good magazine about Linux, the Open Source Oprerating System.

The DVD jacket cover says:

Includes Gnome, KDE and Xfce
Live distro: try without installing
64-bit and Server ISO images

And that's just on one side !!!

Okay, let's read between the lines and see what just the dvd cover is telling us.

LTS means Long Term Support. This Distro, which is Rock-Solid, will have Security Updates for Three Years!

The Triad: Gnome, KDE and Xfce means it comes with 3 choices for the Desktop.

Also include is the 64 bit version and The Server ISO.

As Patrick Norton of Tekzilla would say:

"So much Good Stuff!"

I agree Patrick, I Hardily (as in Heron), agree.

Wingman out

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Nintendo: Wii Wii Wii at E3

Nintendo Wii Console

As in WiiSPORTS, WiiSPEAK and WiiMUSIC, all our Bases belong to Wii.. Okay that's pushing it, but of the Big 3: Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, Nintendo Showed them, they're not going to give up the number 1 Console Status they have achieved with their Wii console.

In other News:

Apple iPhone sold 1 million iPhone G3's and 10,000,000 apps...

Monday, July 14, 2008

Later Today: Three Important E3 Keynotes!

The Giants of the Video Games Industry
gather in Los Angeles this Week for the E3 conference,
and all sights are set on the mass market.

Nintendo's WII Factfile (BBC):

Sony's Playstation 3 Factfile (BBC):

Microsoft's Xbox 360 Factfile (BBC):

Live Coverage of Keynotes at:

Monday, July 14th
~10:00AM PT / 1:00PM ET - Live from Microsoft's E3 2008 keynote

Tuesday, July 15th
~8:30AM PT / 11:30AM ET - Live from Nintendo's E3 2008 keynote

~11:300AM PT / 2:00PM ET - Live from Sony's E3 2008 keynote


Yes, there IS Life after the Apple iPhone G3 debacle of the last few days.

E3 Opens Today.

Let's give Thanks for a Deep breath of Fresh Gamey Air..

Wingman recuperating...slowly.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Making the Hardware Review Rounds

Post 154: July 12th

Hardware Rounds:
A lot has been happening in the Video card sector,
prices dropping almost hourly.
So I Lead off with is Comparison Guide.

Desktop Video Card Comparison Guide:

Overclockers Online has a review
of Samsung's Syncmaster 2263UW panel:

TweakTown is testing an XFX 790i Ultra SLI mobo.
This is pretty much the Rolls Royce of Nvidia chipset allowing you
to stick in absolutely everything that comes to mind, from tri-SLI
setups to 7-drive HD arrays:

German site, Planet 3DNow, has done a lengthy article on the
Atom-powered Medion Akoya E1210 UMPC. Medion is a big name in PC retail in German speaking countries. The Akoya is a rebranded MSI Wind U100 lappie.

Hot Hardware has a small-ish preview of Nehalem garnered from a presentation in New York. The Nehalem demo system is quite interesting as it’s built into an Origen HTPC case, with 12.1” touchscreen and what looks like wood paneling. The insides are even more interesting, even though HH is barred from publishing numbers, you’ve got a massive triple-DIMM system running two 80GB (Intel) SSDs in RAID 0 on an X58 mobo. Wicked fast says Marco. Take a look at the goodies, here.

Off topic, but of interest to Me:

Linux APP Finder:

I'll have more to say about the iPhone Self-Imposed DoS Snafu Yesterday and the impact of the Security Hole found in DNS this past week.
I have to hear what Steve Gibson of Security Now! has to say about it.

Later, Gators.

Friday, July 11, 2008

No more Wasted Cycles

Putting wasted CPU cycles to Work,
by joining the Folding@Home project.
I'll be on the DL.TV team, which is in the Top 10 Teams.
Switched it OFF temporarily
Clock cycles was Killing my

Footnote related Topic in New Drug Reverses Alzheimer's Disease Within Days In Mouse Models

Ready to add a 1TB of storage to you system? We know you want to, don't we...

Here's a review/roundup of 6 of these puppies:

For those interested on what the megapixel Hasselblad's H3DII-50-50 Megapixel Digital camera looks like here it is:
Leo Laporte of TWiT fame will be following his minnions around the world "LIVE" for 24 hours, as the New iPhone is released to "fanboys" (new word added to Merriam-Webster Dictionary this week) and others. It starts in Australia mid-day today.
10 New Free Apps for the New iPhone 3G

and as a subnote: The New iPhone 3G has been unlocked...

Wingman Flying.....

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The New Horn of Plenty

The New Horn of Plenty:
Video Cards

by Wingman

Next to the CPU, the most important part of a computer system is the Video Card.

Since the introduction of Microssoft's Xbox, years ago, the video chip in the video card began costing more.

And If you remember, Microsoft paid more for the Nvidia chip than they did for the Intel CPU chip, for the XBox, even with their buying power.

In the last couple of years, Video card Power (like the card above) and prices have jumped close to $1000.00 dollars with Nvidia ruling the roost.

And Ati, following their purchase by AMD has been, to put it nicely, dragging hind end.

In other words: No Competition.

But lately (like in the last month), things have changed, and ATI has released new designed, high powered cards at significantly lower prices and rave reviews.

So much has happened that Nvidia has started Slashing their prices just to stay afloat.

In other words: Good old Competition.

The sweet spot (price wise) has not been reached quite yet, but you can pick up a powerful video card for under $200 dollars that is even better than the $1000.00 dollar cards of just a month ago.

This video card Horn of Plenty is good for you, good for me, and good for just about everyone.

They are Still Big and Bulky and some require two open slots and additional power connections, but the times are Sweet.

Blogged by Wingman.

NEW WORD - AnalBlog: Analysis Blogging (my word)


Sunday, July 06, 2008

What do you think of this Sucker?

It's called Electrolux addisoni , and is the largest known member of the electric ray family and it made the list because it carries the name of a maker of vacuum cleaners--due to the "vigorous sucking action" it makes while feeding in the Western Indian Ocean.

Credit Arizona State University

Of the Thousands of Species discovered or newly describe in the past year, 10 were selected for special recognition. This "Sucker" is one of them.

The other 9 can be found at:

Link Here:

Wingman, picturing a new world...


U.S. Travelers Lose 12,000 Laptops Every Week

All you travelers coming home tomorrow from your wild and crazy Independence Day weekend vacations, don't be one of 12,000 people who lose their laptops at airports every week. That's right, that ain't no typo—12,000 dudes and dudettes somehow manage to misplace their portable computers every seven days. That's 600,000 machines a year, many containing sensitive information that companies need to account for.

picture credit: Mike Reger

9:30 PM on Sat Jul 5 2008
By Elaine Chow

This is what the previous post setup delivers...

Wingman, doing his thing.


3 EZ Steps to Blogging by Wingman

1. Search the Tech Headlines:

I open up Firefox and click on my Tech tag and the First Item I have there, which is Daily Rotation. Which grabs Headlines from

Roughly 333
TECH Web Sites!!!

I check the top ten headlines first for

something of Interest TO ME..

If I find nothing I go down the page scanning for a headline that

JUMPS out at me Like:

U.S. Travelers Lose 12,000 Laptops

2. Snag an appropriate Picture. (usually something I find on Google images works fine).

On this story, Gizmodo has a good enough picture, snag it and be sure to reference where you got it. Fair is fair, you know.3. The Lead Paragraph, if too long rewrite in your words, if as is be sure to Credit the Writer.

U.S. Travelers Lose 12,000 Laptops a Week

All you travelers coming home tomorrow from your wild and crazy Independence Day weekend vacations, don't be one of 12,000 people who lose their laptops at airports every week. That's right, that ain't no typo—12,000 dudes and dudettes somehow manage to misplace their portable computers every seven days. That's 600,000 machines a year, many containing sensitive information that companies need to account for.

3. Give Credit Where Credit Is DUE.
Include References:

picture credit: Mike Reger

Story by:
9:30 PM on Sat Jul 5 2008
By Elaine Chow

That's Pretty much it. If the Snagged story has enough Human Interest (which I feel it does) You'll probably hear about it in the Major NEWS Channels, CNN, Fox News and even local network coverage.

Blogs have become a viable filter to Tech News and you'd be surprised how many stories get their Legs, IN THE BLOGS.

Wingman out.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Ticks and Tocks

Stock TICKS:


Nvidia stock is Down, the most in Four Years, 31% to USD 12.40.

Link Here:


PSP Still Tops.

Link Here:

retains top spot in Japan

Sony's PlayStation Portable has outsold its hardware rivals in Japan for the week ended June 29, according to figures from Media Create.

The PSP sold 58,861 units, followed by the
Nintendo DS at 48,884 units and
Wii at 48,480 units.

PlayStation 3 sales fell again as the benefit the console gained from the release of Konami's Metal Gear Solid 4 continues to dwindle, down from 20,336 console unit sales last week to 17,973.

Sony's PS2 sold 7,673 units and
Microsoft's Xbox 360 sold 5,104 units.

Headline from Frantic Industries:

So, What Does Yahoo Do Now?

The Soap Opera continues....

Big Stupid Link Here:;s%20what%20they%20did.%20I’m%20relieved%20that%20the%20first%20season%20of%20this%20soap%20opera%20is%20at%20an%20end,%20as%20I%20was%20getting%20bored%20out%20of%20my%20mind%20with%20all%20the%20speculations%20regarding%20the%20issue.%20But,%20I’m


I told you it was stupid...

Remember when you had to TYPE that IN???

Wingman, taking a Valium...

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Samsung NAND in the MILLIONS

Reported in ENGADGET by way of DIGITIMES, Apple orders 50 million iPhone NAND chips from Samsung.

They ordered 25 million in JUNE.

That's Ah, like 75 Million...

==== SPACE.COM ====

Having just heard Arthur C. Clarke's "Songs of Distant Earth" on Audible Books, and the success of the latest Pixar Flick "Wall-E",

I caught this article on

The Future of Space Robots.

Wingman, Out THERE!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Ubuntu Is NOT Fedora....

The Distro PITS

The Distro on my primary drive that is good Ol' FC-6 (Fedora Core 6) and realizing that I needed to update soon, FC-6, now called just Fedora is up to version 9 (10 is right around the corner).

I decided to Set Up my Second Drive (a Back-up drive) and installed Ubuntu 7.10 on it and Man is it driving me Nuts!

After Installing, Ubuntu had to updated 367 packages. OK, no biggie, but my installation was not running Gnome or even KDE, but XFCE (a very light-weight Desktop environment).

Who in the Heck uses XFCE???

Next, I have a TV card installed in the system, did Ubuntu notice that?


Under Gnome, my favorite Desktop Environment, I use TvTime for the TV card.

Was it available???


Was it in the add/remove Repository???


Was YUM available???


I had to use Debian's Apt-Get. I installed YUM with Apt-Get and found it had problems with Python.

Who has problems with Python???

It runs on Windows for Heavens Sake!!!

The error I got was trying to install VLC, my favorite Video Player. Yum ran into a problem finding a library file called Celementtree which is needed by Python to work with YUM.... UGH!!!

And don't get me started with ROOT ACCESS.

Ubuntu has the dumbest restriction on Root of any distro I've ever seen.

Final words:

I'm using Ubuntu, temporarily, but very very soon it will be Deep Sixed for Good and Steady Fedora, which is probably up to Fedora 10 by now....

Wingman, not happy
using Ubuntu...