Thursday, July 30, 2009

Okay, This Is My First BURN NOTICE

Went to Office Max yesterday and picked up a spindle of 100 DVD-R recordable discs and burned my first DVD in my new Windows Vista Home Premium machine.

Popped the sucker into my mutli=format DVD player by Philips and "BAM!", a season of my favorite TV show on USA "Burn Notice" is slated for one of those "inexpensive" DVD's.

Wingman, Burning "Notice" "House" and "Eureka", and kicking FPS's, back in Windows...


Monday, July 27, 2009

Getting to the 4:10 to YUMA

4:10 To Yuma

The 430'd Post to MC2 tells you how much I Hate running Windows Vista enroute to the Safer Windows 7.

You have to realize the under $400.00 Compaq Desktop was considerably more powerful than my first Radio Shack TRS-80 CoCo that I bought for about $550.00 with my RS employee discount.

Model Compaq CQ5110Y PC
Style and Quality at an affordable price

Processor System memory

AMD Athlon X2 7550 3GB

Operating system Hard Drive

Windows Vista Home 320GB


SuperMulti DVD +/- R/RW

Pretty Good Specs actually for a low-end Desktop and more powerful than similar priced NetBooks.



Sunday, July 26, 2009

The NEW VISTA (Windows 7)

The NEW Vista Revisited...

It had to happen, I guess. You can't Beat "City Haul".

Brought about by the

LACK of Linux Support

by Windows Ri



The NEW Vista Revisited...

It had to happen, I guess. You can't Beat "City Hall".

Maybe, just maybe, this time Windows will be Different.

Not enthused about This at all.



Post 428 A New VISTA For Me, Wingman......

Just Picked-up a Compaq Presario at Best Buy to the tune of $400 bucks with Windows Vista.

After Years and Years with Linux Distros, I had to sucumb to the price-point (slightly above a Netbook) and the promise of a better windows experience with the Free update to Windows 7 when it's available.

Rest assured I am Not turning my back on Linux as it will be installed on the New Computer as well.

The change was prompted by the Lack of Linux support from Audible and the Apple iPhone Touch.

More Soon.


Monday, July 20, 2009

"That's The Way It Was..."


"That's The Way It Was..."




The CBS Programs SUNDAY Morning, and

60 Minutes

Had Two Wonderful Tributes to a

News Anchor of the First Caliber:

Walter Cronkite.


For Nearly 20 years He was the Nation's



Wingman, a fan.


Apollo Landing Book Link:



Friday, July 17, 2009

Post 426: Get A NetBook At??? Blockbuster?

When You are in the market for a NetBook,

where do naturally Look?

Why Blockbuster, Of Course!


Can You BEAR IT?

A Cute Bear TV.


HTC Touch Pro2

with a 3.5mm audio jack for

Telus and Verizon

HTC Touch Pro2

No Longer Sub_Standard

New HTC Phone has a

Standard Audio Jack


These Topical Tidbits

From the Venerable



Next to DailyRotation (links on right panel)
It's where I go to pick out What I think is
Really Happening in Tech.

Wingman, gadget chasing...


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Post 425: Why I Use LINUX

Fri 17 Jul 2009 04:15:35 PM PDT



Fifteen, twenty minutes ago I booted Firefox and it just would-not log on.

After several attempts and nothing, I hit the old windows three-finger-dance, you know, ctrl-alt delete, to force a reboot.

On reboot, the system (linux mind you) said it had some corrupt files...

I instantly thought, my newly installed Fedora 11 was hosed.

(Newly installed software shows it's flaws in the first few days. This mainly applies to Windows Systems but All New installed software can do this.)

Kinda like what Julia Roberts did to Clive Owens in "Duplicity".


The System ALSO said I could try a manual fsck (filesystem check) as root, and it would try to fix the problem, or I could hit control D and rety a reboot.

I opted for fsck.

It found a number of file problems and asked permission to repair them. I said Yes.

After fixing what it could it said I should try a reboot.

The system rebooted and system is running again.

That's why I use Linux.



Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Post 424: Meet the_800_LB_Girilla_iJustine

Meet the 800 LB

Media Girilla iJustine




Filed under Trends in TECH:


You See....
By the Clever Use of YouTube Viral Videos: Personalities CAN Be Made of THIS...
Add a Little Facebook and MySpace and Sprinkle some BLOGGER and Twitter and and and...

Gee, Let Me Count The Ways...

To Break the previous barrier for

Women and Girls in TECH.

This IS a Good Thing.


The New Harry Potter Movie is Out.

12:00 a.m.


Monday, July 13, 2009

Post 423: Teen TECH Stories: TEXT At Your Own Peril


Texting Teen Falls Into Open Manhole



We Still Remember the Story of Charlie Rose Tripping and Falling While walking while using his Apple AIR. A teen in Staten Island fell into an open manhole while Texting is, of course, suing the city for her fall from grace.


Can A Teen Talk About Teen Topics,

from a Teenager's Prespective?

Episode 2 of Abby's Road Seems to Say A Resounding Yes!
July 10th, 2009

Abby's Road 2: Vanessa Van Petten Of

Don't REALLY Know

What Teens Are Up TO?

The Articles Her
e can provide a Clue.




Calvin Klein USB Sunglasses

Upgrade Your Memory to 4GB



Seems pretty shady to Me.



On Your TECH Side.


Friday, July 10, 2009

Post 422: Is Chrome OS Your Next Operating System?


Is Chrome OS Your Next

Operating System?


=========================================== ===========================================

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Cloud Based OS from Google gets New BUZZ


Cloud Based OS from Google gets



Link :


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USB Product of the Year!

All those USB popcorn makers, heat pads, drink coolers and coffee machines pale in comparison to the i.Saw. This would easily be the USB product of the year…if it were real. Thanks to everyone that sent this one in.

Really, Windows 7






Monday, July 06, 2009

Virtual Box: The EZ Way to Try Out NEW Operating Systems


Virtual Box:

The EZ Way to Try Out NEW

Operating Systems



There are a Lot of NEW OS's that you might be interested in trying out Safely.

The New Windows 7 and of course any one of the many Flavors of Linux.

A Cool New way to try them out is in a "Virtual Box"

The Detailed "How-To" on how to do this is at the GEEK Site above.

Remember the old Bromide:

"What's The Best Way To Get an Elephant Out of A BOX?"

Read the Directions....

Wingman, way Out.


The Video Bar has a How to Video on Using

Virtual Box


Sunday, July 05, 2009

Do You Know What Cyberpunk Means, Punk?

Sun 05 Jul 2009 09:33:14 AM PDT

Do You Know What Cyberpunk Means, Punk?




Neuromancer WIKI




History: July 1. 1984, 25 years ago, Wlliam Gibson wrote a book called

Neuromancer that ran the table at the 1984 Science Fiction Awards

and Won the HUGO Award, the Phillip K. Dick Award and the Nebula Award.

The Book and the Awards said Gibson Created a new genre of Science Fiction

called: CyberPunk.

Gibson does NOT particularly like that phrase, but hey it's a good

tag-line that
doesn't fit anybody better.

And while Gibson's modern prose is anchored
in Present Time his

depiction of cutting edge Technology and Hackers (Good and Bad) is still
razor sharp.

Check him out

He IS a Must Read.


And in deference of the Terminator Picture I used above,

take this to chew on...



And Yeah, I know Terminator Was based on Harlan Ellison's Ideas...


I also found a Cool Clip at YouTube (a great resource, by the way) where in 2006.

Harlan was giving out the Hugo Award for Best Short Story and

still being Harlan at the podium.

Linked Here:


The Tina Turner Song Clip at the Video Bar,

Top-Right is still there

because I Like that song.

And I think We Do Need Another Hero,

so There.


Friday, July 03, 2009

We NEED A Hero: A HTC Hero


We NEED A Hero:

A HTC Hero




The New HTC Hero Smart Phone

will be the First to have

Native Adobe Flash

right out of the Box...

Wingman, still searching for My Ultimate Smart Phone.

Google Needs to Go After Microsoft's Bing.

And a Teaser:

A Quick Screen Grab from ABCTV Techbytes:

You Make Music with It!


Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Goodbye Ubuntu, I Hardily Knew You.....

Dumped Ubuntu 9.04

and went

Back to Fedora 11

Problems with Firefox 3.x and my massive List of Bookmarks forced the Issue.

Using the same Password for my user and root accounts seemed counter-productive.

After the Big switch via a "Live" CD of Fedora 11, I'm still tweaking the system to my taste. And will be fully installed to the Hard drive when I clean up a backup 160GB hard drive.

Wingman, back home (fedora).


It seems the New iPhone 3Gs is "Hot".... Too "Hot" for some. Apple is Checking that out...

And Dell will be offering a HTC (Google OS) Smart Web Browser Real-Soon-


Isn't that Smart?