Wednesday, April 28, 2010

MC2 Post 655 Sending In The Clones

I said Clones.... Not Clowns

iPad Clones


Eken M001 Android Tablet for

(update: Price raised to USD125)






Hanvon's 10.1 inch tablet 
sports Intel CULV

Year of the tablet to include 
Google branded version?


TESO or EPad? 
One thing is certain, 
the iPad clones are coming


Eros Tablet PC
great for watching things of beauty…

( But Priced at a steep USD440 )

Hong Kong Electronics Show


Kinstone debuts ARM and
Windows CE based MID

Architecture: ARM
Operating System: Windows CE
Screen size & type: 5-inches, touchscreen
USB Port: 2 mini USB ports
HDMI port: 1 mini HDMI port
Extendible memory slot: microSD card slot
Speaker: Built-in loud speaker
Price: 1200 Yuan (around USD 176).


Android will create a shanzhai
Chinese butterfly

Will MediaTek port an Android Phone?

Regarding iPhone Gate:

 Phone 4G leak is golden for Shanzhai


Oh, and Blackberry's are being Cloned Too!

Nokia E72 goes white and
nabs a firmware update

Apple's WWDC kicks off on June 7th this year.
Wingman padding about....


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