Saturday, April 10, 2010

MC2 Post 638: At The Crossroads: Adobe, Flash and HTML5

The Secret Is Out 

Apple and Adobe 

Don't Like Each Other?

No, Not That One, This One:


Of Course, Adobe is:

Not Just A Flash in the Pan

The Other Side of The Line

Ooyala and Microsoft Silverlight

Adobe Flash evangelist: 
'Go screw yourself Apple'

One Ring Shall Rule Them ALL ???


HTML 5: Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Adobe 
Fight to Rule the Web

Just a Little MS Salt to the Open Wound

Microsoft launches iPad-happy website
for wimmin

Ladies Night, oh what a site

iPad Media Apps Stuck in the Past

iPad Proves That Apple Wants to Kill Flash

Apple's campaign for iPad-ready sites is just the 
start of an effort to kill off internet apps 
like Flash and Silverlight.

Backgrounder (a liitle background), Up the Middle ...

What to expect from HTML5



And The Beef Goes On ...



A Programmer's Best Friend



Ruby on Rails

Heinemeier Hansson first released Rails as open source in July 2004


Still Holding Mindshare.

Wingman, On the ruby ridge, Watching the Fray


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