Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Post 667 Drivers on Mars

Adrift on the TWiT Network

As I Had sort-of-drifted Away from  Following Leo Laporte's TWiT Network, 

I happen to catch Two excellent episodes last week.

The Over Coverage on the "Lost iPhone" became a very Dead Horse to me and I wasn't very interested on Reporter's Rights against Search and Seizure.  

Maybe if he wrote for the New York Times.  Not someone who gets Insider Tech Scoops for Gizmodo.

I was still a fan of Security Now! because of my inherent security concerns with computers.  And FLOSS Weekly, as the name implies Deals with Linux Open Source Software.

I Was Catching Up on past episodes of Security Now! and FLOSS Weekly on my iPod Touch and came upon the latest one called:  

FLOSS Weekly 119: The Mars Rover Drivers.

Could it Be?  I had just finished reading (on Audible) Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson and that novel blew me away.

Could the Guys Driving the Mars Rovers really be using Linux and other Open Source Software? (OSS).

To make a very nice long story short, yes indeed it could.  They did indeed use OSS, and Linux and even FLOSS Weekly's Host (Randall Schwartz) favorite: Perl.

These two guys, Scott Maxwell and Paolo Belluta, drove a vehicle on another planet for a living.
Wrap your mind around that.
(The Rover project has Guys
and Gals driving Rovers)

Programming and Science can be Very Cool.

Episode Number 2 on the Next


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