Thursday, May 13, 2010

MC2 Post 669 A Mountain of Richard Preston

One of the Scariest Books Me and  

Stephen King ever read was 

written by

Richard Preston 

and It Was about an Ebola Accident:

The Hot Zone: 

A Terrifying True Story. 

The Wikipedia Has a Section about it, 
Linked Here:


This is Ebola

And a Scenario for Outbreak is Here:

To Me, The New  Master of the Suspense  and Psychological Thriller genre in Non-Fiction is Richard Preston, and he has a New Book Out called:


Panic in Level 4,

Which I'm Reading.....

A collection of some of his classic New Yorker articles (greatly expanded and updated, with an introductory essay describing how he inadvertently blew open his space suit while inside an Army Level 4 Ebola lab).

The Story I Really liked is called: A Mountain of Pi.

It is the story of two brothers from Russia, who were culturally discarded because they were different.  

Like The Rain Man different.

They were also incredible mathematicians.
And I guess, That makes them Different Too! 

The book describes them as: One Fantastic Mathematician 

living in Two Bodies.

In an Apartment Building in New York, they built a super computer out of mail-ordered parts.  And They used that home made device to

Find Hidden Order in the number Pi.

A small fraction of which, from WolframAlpha, is Pictured Here:

Pi, this is Just the beginning.

The Russian Brothers took it to over 

400 million places, with a

home-made Super Computer.

"The Character Study of these two Brothers is the compelling part of the story. A delightful journey into the power of the human spirit."

Richard Preston also has a Web Page,
which I also recommend reading.


He Is Some kind of Writer.


With a Wing and a prayer
That books don't die.



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