Saturday, May 22, 2010

MC2 Post 677 Pac Man on Google

Slick Remembrance of the Munchers 
30th Anniversary by Google

From Bloomberg Business Week
Facebook Plans Overhaul of User Privacy Settings

Really Want To Keep Up
On What Is Happening
in HD?

Then You Have To Check Out

Revision3 HDNation

With Robert Heron and Patrick Norton

Link To the Latest Podcast is Here:

These Guys Love to Talk
About Really Cool Stuff.
I usually download the FREE podcast on my
iPod Touch from iTunes, and
view it there.
Just Search for HDNation
under TECH podcasts.

That's where I also Get
TWiT (This Week in TECH)
and Security Now


Want a Book To Keep You 
Up At Night?

Check Out 
Richard Preston's

Panic in Level 4

Yeah, I've mentioned it
Before, I Just Finished it.

Not Really Gruesome,
But Makes You Think What
Nasty Little Viruses
Can Do.

The Story about the two
Russian-Jewish émigré 
scientists that built a
SuperComputer in their apartment
out of mail-ordered parts just to solve
Pi to over 300 million places was fascinating.

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