Thursday, May 06, 2010

MC2 Post 663 New OLD Numbers, I Didn't Expect.


The Growing Numbers From AolNews:

Why Seniors Are Spending More Time Online

by Robert W. Stock

Here we come!

New studies show that the number of Internet users 65 and older has 
soared more than 55 percent in the past five years to 17.5 million.

We now represent 8 percent of all visitors to social networks and blogs, 
a 53 percent bounce in just the past two years.

That puts us right up there with teenagers.

My grandson would say, "There goes the neighborhood." 

I say, "It's about time." We've been technologically challenged long enough.

"Following on the Sore Heels of the Nintendo Wii
migrating into Senior Citizen Centers, the new
iPad seems to be kicking up some traction too."

Wingman, in his 60's.

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