Monday, May 17, 2010

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A: Delicious Bookmarks

Community Sites
Can Be Good or
They Can Be Bad.

About Facebook...

The New Face of Insecurities, or just another community bank that is Too Big To Fail.
To a smaller community (like say, MySpace), 
the recent tie-in of Facebook with privacy 
concerns would be the Kiss of Death.  

There is also realization that the appearance 
of wrong doing can be as devastating as 
real wrong doing.

But there Is wrong doing here. 

The New Privacy Controls Of FaceBook, are an exercise 

in futility, and extremely vulnerable. 

A mine-field waiting to blow up in your Face.

Trying too hard to capitalize on a growing Web Footprint they've become toxic, and the Media, those bastions of propriety, have jump on the bandwagon to call them Out On It.

Besides the "Media", the News Channels, which are trying like crazy to follow Newspapers over the Edge of Significance, have chimed in with twitter-like Sound Bytes of fluff to protest that:

"The Internet is Going to Hell in A Hand Basket."

Et Tu Brute?

Various Tech Gurus have joined the Line Drawn in the Silicon, and some have crossed it.

Opting to Quick FaceBook

I use Facebook like I use Emails.  What I Put there is Like A Post Card, Viewable by Any One. I don't put Private Stuff There Because: 

I ASSUME It's Not Private.

Of course Youth is Not That Careful.  Thus the problem.

Right Now Facebook Has open a can of worms 

about Your Privacy. 

I'm sure they will try to fix it (they're Not That Stupid Are They?).

But for now the fences Are Down, and wild horses can roam or
be stolen at will (Will is a Bad Guy).

If these concerns bother you, or your family, opting out of Facebook may be your best protection.

Ernie, the Wingman.


Opting Out of FaceBook,
A Numbers Game...


Group sets May 31 as 'Quit Facebook Day' –
SciTechBlog - Blogs  

Frustrated by Facebook's recent privacy changes, 

a group is urging users to delete their 
Facebook accounts en masse on May 31. 

The campaign comes amid complaints that the social-networking juggernaut is diminishing users' privacy with its "open graph" model that adds Facebook connections on other sites across the internet. 

A handful of glitches during the rollout of 
the changes have, in fact, put some personal 
info at risk, if only briefly.

It's clear that some folks are leaving the popular site.


Wingman, Well Yes,
that is true and: 

 The Numbers ARE Staggering: 2,779 out of er.....


Yeah that'll do it...


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