Friday, May 07, 2010

mc2 Post 664 Tricks and Tweaks for Geeks


Preamble: Don't Like How Something Works on PC's,
There's a Geek Trick or Tweak For It!

From How-To-Geek:

Customize Five Windows Folder Templates

From Lifehacker:

Remind Yourself of Yesterday's Unfinished Business with a Gmail Bookmarklet



From Lifehacker 2:

Use Muffin Tins to Organize Larger Screws

RoboRyanTron shares a way to hold larger items that won't fit in the usual ice cube trays:

    When putting together a new desk, entertainment center, nuclear-laser death-ray, or bed frame there are always so many different screws, nails, and radioactive rods. 
Before you begin assembling, try organizing them in a muffin pan to prevent mixing things up and losing parts.

Even better if they were originally labeled with a sticker you can put on the pan. Ice cube trays are also a good choice for smaller parts.
From HowStuffworks:

Top Myths About Apple

From Tweet My PC:

TweetMyPC is a little 
for Windows, written in 
VB.Net using the .Net-

Framework v3.0, which allows you to control and access your computer from anywhere by simply sending a twitter-message 
with a special command as its content.


Tired of the Windows Mouse Scroller 
Not Working Like It Should?

Maybe WizMouse will Help!


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