Wednesday, May 19, 2010

MC2 Post 674 Was Google Double Dipping???

Just when You Though It Was 
OK to Go into the Water 
(the internet)
Italy investigates Google's Street View

Google said last week its fleets of cars which have been 

photographing streets around the world had for 

several years accidentally collected

personal information -- 
which a security expert said  

could include e-mail messages and passwords


USATODAY Technology Live:

Protests widen over Google's 
Wi-Fi data harvesting


New York Times Business Day Technology

Germany Asks Google to Surrender Private Data

Bad Morning America....

Even Good Morning America had a segment on the Google 

"wardriving incident" that "accidently" snagged untold 

terrabytes of private information as 

Google took 360 degree views snapshots for Street View.


The Register...(older Story)

Google Street View 
logs WiFi networks, 
Mac addresses

April 22, 2010 Story in The Register:



Is There Never Enough File
Systems for Linux??

Short Answer: Nope, Not A Chance!

Linus Torvalds (pictured) announced the release of 
Linux  2.6.34

Linux 2.6.34  is notable for adding two filesystems: Ceph for distributed and cloud-based applications, and LogFS, which is optimized for flash-memory based devices.


A Linux Maxim: Never enough Distros, 
Never enough Filesystems


You See.  With mc2,

You Get The Good With The Bad.



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