Saturday, May 08, 2010

MC2 Post 665 Pardon My French, But Go F.lux Yourself...

Flux Icon

  f.lux™  Better lighting...

for your computer

Adjust the Computer Screen Brightness to the 

Log/Lat of your Location...

Not for Night People.  

There Are 3 Versions of F.lux, for XP/Vista/7 for Mac OS X,
and even One for the Usually Forgotten Linux.

So That Gives Them Extra Helping of Qudos.


Instant Elevator Music
Plays elevator music while Downloading...



Plays Computer Sounds 
Like In Old School "tech" Movies


Robots Made Out of Cell Phones 
Dance, Cry, Throw Tantrums, 
and Talk to Each Other


Check This Out:

Music to My Phone-E
Ears, eh?


Wingman, Just Talking...


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