Friday, May 28, 2010

MC2 Post 683 4 (plus) iPod To Myself Tech Stories

iPod To Myself Tech Stories

1. HTC Dream and Magic Get Hacked Android OS 2.2

2. The Daily Galaxy has  3  Apple-ish Stories

    Apple Just Past Microsoft as the Most Valuable 
Tech Company in the World


    Eddie Cue, The Creative Brains Behind 
iTunes & the App Store.


Mongoliad The Mongoliad App: Neal Stephenson's 
Novel of the Future?


3. Intel Unlocks i7 and i5 Multipliers

4. Google Reader Drops support for "Oldish" Browser (Chrome version 3)

5. mozilla labs Announcing Jetpack SDK 0.4


Wired iPad App 

Sells 24,000 Copies 
in First 24 Hours


Apple iPad Launches Internationally, 
the Crowd Goes Wild 

Looks Like Apple May Have A Winner.

Wingman, Just saying....

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