Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Ubuntu Is NOT Fedora....

The Distro PITS

The Distro on my primary drive that is good Ol' FC-6 (Fedora Core 6) and realizing that I needed to update soon, FC-6, now called just Fedora is up to version 9 (10 is right around the corner).

I decided to Set Up my Second Drive (a Back-up drive) and installed Ubuntu 7.10 on it and Man is it driving me Nuts!

After Installing, Ubuntu had to updated 367 packages. OK, no biggie, but my installation was not running Gnome or even KDE, but XFCE (a very light-weight Desktop environment).

Who in the Heck uses XFCE???

Next, I have a TV card installed in the system, did Ubuntu notice that?


Under Gnome, my favorite Desktop Environment, I use TvTime for the TV card.

Was it available???


Was it in the add/remove Repository???


Was YUM available???


I had to use Debian's Apt-Get. I installed YUM with Apt-Get and found it had problems with Python.

Who has problems with Python???

It runs on Windows for Heavens Sake!!!

The error I got was trying to install VLC, my favorite Video Player. Yum ran into a problem finding a library file called Celementtree which is needed by Python to work with YUM.... UGH!!!

And don't get me started with ROOT ACCESS.

Ubuntu has the dumbest restriction on Root of any distro I've ever seen.

Final words:

I'm using Ubuntu, temporarily, but very very soon it will be Deep Sixed for Good and Steady Fedora, which is probably up to Fedora 10 by now....

Wingman, not happy
using Ubuntu...

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