Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The New Horn of Plenty

The New Horn of Plenty:
Video Cards

by Wingman

Next to the CPU, the most important part of a computer system is the Video Card.

Since the introduction of Microssoft's Xbox, years ago, the video chip in the video card began costing more.

And If you remember, Microsoft paid more for the Nvidia chip than they did for the Intel CPU chip, for the XBox, even with their buying power.

In the last couple of years, Video card Power (like the card above) and prices have jumped close to $1000.00 dollars with Nvidia ruling the roost.

And Ati, following their purchase by AMD has been, to put it nicely, dragging hind end.

In other words: No Competition.

But lately (like in the last month), things have changed, and ATI has released new designed, high powered cards at significantly lower prices and rave reviews.

So much has happened that Nvidia has started Slashing their prices just to stay afloat.

In other words: Good old Competition.

The sweet spot (price wise) has not been reached quite yet, but you can pick up a powerful video card for under $200 dollars that is even better than the $1000.00 dollar cards of just a month ago.

This video card Horn of Plenty is good for you, good for me, and good for just about everyone.

They are Still Big and Bulky and some require two open slots and additional power connections, but the times are Sweet.

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