Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Details of DNS Flaw Leaked


"Despite Dan Kaminsky's efforts to keep a lid on the details of the critical DNS vulnerability he found, someone at the security firm Matasano leaked the information on its blog yesterday..."

Wired story:

This is Serious.

Even Steve Gibson on Security Now! will devote a couple of episodes of his podcast to discuss the details of the flaw AFTER Kaminsky presents it at Blackhat.

I heard about this lAST WEEK and new that ISP providers, Microsoft, Apple, Google and Yahoo were working behind the scenes to quickly PATCH the Hole.

More Info will be coming following Kamingsky's presentation at Black Hat this week.


CAT 1 Dolly
heading toward Texas Coast....(landfall around 8:00)

Reuters has the Full Scoop:

Wingman out.


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