Monday, June 30, 2008

Bye Bill, Bye XP, Hello Pixar

Last Friday was Bill Gates Last Day at Microsoft.

Today, Monday June 30 is
Windows XP's LAST DAY.

If you need it tomorrow, you have to buy Vista First and then Downgrade to Windows XP.

However, those prospective computer buyers absolutely unwilling to embrace Vista do still have a few ‘last gasp’ options open to them when it comes to legally taking receipt of Microsoft’s seven-year-old operating system.

One solution for business customers is to purchase either the Ultimate or Business versions of Windows Vista, both of which allow the user to perform a software downgrade that reverts back to XP Professional; while another ‘out’ is to purchase a computer from the ultra low-cost sub-notebook hardware category (think the ASUS Eee PC), to which Microsoft has granted XP an initial two-year availability reprieve.

The old operating system will also be made available through January 31 of 2009 via small custom computer system builders.

Pixar's newest CGI Movie "Wall-E"

keeps the tradition going of Opening at number 1 at the Box Office.

Variety has the Numbers:


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