Monday, July 14, 2008

Later Today: Three Important E3 Keynotes!

The Giants of the Video Games Industry
gather in Los Angeles this Week for the E3 conference,
and all sights are set on the mass market.

Nintendo's WII Factfile (BBC):

Sony's Playstation 3 Factfile (BBC):

Microsoft's Xbox 360 Factfile (BBC):

Live Coverage of Keynotes at:

Monday, July 14th
~10:00AM PT / 1:00PM ET - Live from Microsoft's E3 2008 keynote

Tuesday, July 15th
~8:30AM PT / 11:30AM ET - Live from Nintendo's E3 2008 keynote

~11:300AM PT / 2:00PM ET - Live from Sony's E3 2008 keynote


Yes, there IS Life after the Apple iPhone G3 debacle of the last few days.

E3 Opens Today.

Let's give Thanks for a Deep breath of Fresh Gamey Air..

Wingman recuperating...slowly.

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