Sunday, July 06, 2008

3 EZ Steps to Blogging by Wingman

1. Search the Tech Headlines:

I open up Firefox and click on my Tech tag and the First Item I have there, which is Daily Rotation. Which grabs Headlines from

Roughly 333
TECH Web Sites!!!

I check the top ten headlines first for

something of Interest TO ME..

If I find nothing I go down the page scanning for a headline that

JUMPS out at me Like:

U.S. Travelers Lose 12,000 Laptops

2. Snag an appropriate Picture. (usually something I find on Google images works fine).

On this story, Gizmodo has a good enough picture, snag it and be sure to reference where you got it. Fair is fair, you know.3. The Lead Paragraph, if too long rewrite in your words, if as is be sure to Credit the Writer.

U.S. Travelers Lose 12,000 Laptops a Week

All you travelers coming home tomorrow from your wild and crazy Independence Day weekend vacations, don't be one of 12,000 people who lose their laptops at airports every week. That's right, that ain't no typo—12,000 dudes and dudettes somehow manage to misplace their portable computers every seven days. That's 600,000 machines a year, many containing sensitive information that companies need to account for.

3. Give Credit Where Credit Is DUE.
Include References:

picture credit: Mike Reger

Story by:
9:30 PM on Sat Jul 5 2008
By Elaine Chow

That's Pretty much it. If the Snagged story has enough Human Interest (which I feel it does) You'll probably hear about it in the Major NEWS Channels, CNN, Fox News and even local network coverage.

Blogs have become a viable filter to Tech News and you'd be surprised how many stories get their Legs, IN THE BLOGS.

Wingman out.

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