Friday, July 04, 2008

Ticks and Tocks

Stock TICKS:


Nvidia stock is Down, the most in Four Years, 31% to USD 12.40.

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PSP Still Tops.

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retains top spot in Japan

Sony's PlayStation Portable has outsold its hardware rivals in Japan for the week ended June 29, according to figures from Media Create.

The PSP sold 58,861 units, followed by the
Nintendo DS at 48,884 units and
Wii at 48,480 units.

PlayStation 3 sales fell again as the benefit the console gained from the release of Konami's Metal Gear Solid 4 continues to dwindle, down from 20,336 console unit sales last week to 17,973.

Sony's PS2 sold 7,673 units and
Microsoft's Xbox 360 sold 5,104 units.

Headline from Frantic Industries:

So, What Does Yahoo Do Now?

The Soap Opera continues....

Big Stupid Link Here:;s%20what%20they%20did.%20I’m%20relieved%20that%20the%20first%20season%20of%20this%20soap%20opera%20is%20at%20an%20end,%20as%20I%20was%20getting%20bored%20out%20of%20my%20mind%20with%20all%20the%20speculations%20regarding%20the%20issue.%20But,%20I’m


I told you it was stupid...

Remember when you had to TYPE that IN???

Wingman, taking a Valium...

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