Friday, July 18, 2008

Another Linux Format Magazine, Another DISTRO

(Note: Not the current issue.)

The July Issue of Linux Format magazine, a British publication, came with a dual sided DVD which contained UBUNTU 8.04 : Hardy Heron LTS and on the flip-side: Mandriva One 2008:Spring.

Being a long time fan of LINUX FORMAT (I get a copy almost every month at BN booksellers),

I've gotten a ton of Linux Distributions this way. Why an American company can't seem to do the same is beyond me.

A full PC Operating System (again, this month: two) for the price of a very good magazine about Linux, the Open Source Oprerating System.

The DVD jacket cover says:

Includes Gnome, KDE and Xfce
Live distro: try without installing
64-bit and Server ISO images

And that's just on one side !!!

Okay, let's read between the lines and see what just the dvd cover is telling us.

LTS means Long Term Support. This Distro, which is Rock-Solid, will have Security Updates for Three Years!

The Triad: Gnome, KDE and Xfce means it comes with 3 choices for the Desktop.

Also include is the 64 bit version and The Server ISO.

As Patrick Norton of Tekzilla would say:

"So much Good Stuff!"

I agree Patrick, I Hardily (as in Heron), agree.

Wingman out

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