Saturday, July 12, 2008

Making the Hardware Review Rounds

Post 154: July 12th

Hardware Rounds:
A lot has been happening in the Video card sector,
prices dropping almost hourly.
So I Lead off with is Comparison Guide.

Desktop Video Card Comparison Guide:

Overclockers Online has a review
of Samsung's Syncmaster 2263UW panel:

TweakTown is testing an XFX 790i Ultra SLI mobo.
This is pretty much the Rolls Royce of Nvidia chipset allowing you
to stick in absolutely everything that comes to mind, from tri-SLI
setups to 7-drive HD arrays:

German site, Planet 3DNow, has done a lengthy article on the
Atom-powered Medion Akoya E1210 UMPC. Medion is a big name in PC retail in German speaking countries. The Akoya is a rebranded MSI Wind U100 lappie.

Hot Hardware has a small-ish preview of Nehalem garnered from a presentation in New York. The Nehalem demo system is quite interesting as it’s built into an Origen HTPC case, with 12.1” touchscreen and what looks like wood paneling. The insides are even more interesting, even though HH is barred from publishing numbers, you’ve got a massive triple-DIMM system running two 80GB (Intel) SSDs in RAID 0 on an X58 mobo. Wicked fast says Marco. Take a look at the goodies, here.

Off topic, but of interest to Me:

Linux APP Finder:

I'll have more to say about the iPhone Self-Imposed DoS Snafu Yesterday and the impact of the Security Hole found in DNS this past week.
I have to hear what Steve Gibson of Security Now! has to say about it.

Later, Gators.

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