Monday, December 28, 2009

Post 557: Crossing the T's and SlashDoting the I's

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If It Looks like a Dog and Smells Like a Dog, 

it's a Dog


Chinese Pirates Launch Ubuntu That looks Like XP.

Still Being PAID by The Letter, Eh?

That's 200 characters to 26, That Is A Problem...

Use TinyURL PLEASE ! :


A Tisket A Basket, A iPod Touch APP-sket.

These are my current APPS on 

my iPod Touch:

Snap A.

Snap B.

Snap C.

That 146 Apps.

And Lots of Other Stuff...


A popular Book Title of the Near Past is:

"What Would Google Do?" 


A Current "Flip" Could Be: 

What Are Some of the Things 

Google IS Doing NOW?

For Example:   

35 Google Open Source Projects 

That You Probably Don't Know


Wingman, Looking For More Cool Apps...

And Open Source Projects...


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