Saturday, December 26, 2009

MC2 Post 555:

The Day After Christmas 2009

Wingman is Now running Windows 7.

No Blog Yesterday...

Come on, I Do Get Christmas Off.

As the Blog Post Number Shows I'm at 555.

A significant Radio Shack number
(for Me, and I have a Lot of Them).

It means a timer IC chip for adding a timer to your home projects.


Would You Believe Someone turned IT (pun intended) into

an Ear Ring.

For family readers, No that's Not Jared, 

In the Picture...

There are Lots of Other things you can do with a 555 timer.

And Speaking of Pictures I've just re-installed CoolIris to Windows 7.


And Yes, They Have a Blog Too, which is 

Linked Here:

Wingman was a bit skittish while installing the Windows Upgrade 

Two Whole Days Ago.

The Power Went Out During the First Part of the Install.

I said to myself,  "Oh No!, Here we go again..".

But a few minutes later, when the Power came on again, I started the

Process over again (crossing my fingers).

In the Words of Governor Terminator

"No Problemo!"

I said to myself, "Hmmm.  Windows may have Something This Time around."

I mean, it's not Ubuntu's ease for the Install (Or most of the Other Top-Tier Linux 


But Not Bad.

Not Bad at All.


Wingman, seeing what this thing called Windows 7 is All About.

Stay Tuned.


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