Tuesday, December 08, 2009

12-5-09 Catch Up Time!


The New Magic of Bar Code Scanning


The Smithsonian Project to Do for Species Identification what the Genome project

did for unlocking the Human DNA.

The Project is called the Encyclopedia of Life (EOL) and it uses a Bar Code reader

to tag the information gathered  about Animal Life.

"Imagine an electronic page for each species of organism on Earth..."

- Edward O. Wilson


Pareques acuminatus

A Sample Page of the Info on One Species Page is at:

Link: http://www.fishbase.org/summary/speciessummary.php?id=3583


12-6-09  Catch Up Time Two!!

Img: Webkit Icon box and compass

IS The Webkit UI from Nokia 
Coming to a Tablet?

Many are Hoping it Will...Like reviewers of the Joojoo..


The Webkit Open Source Project Page:

Link: http://webkit.org/


Out, From Under the Dome 

(Audible Book)

Just finished Stephen King's Book and was pleasantly surprised by the Audible Reader 

Raul Esparza, and the scores of characters Mr. King peppered his lastest book with.

 A Very Good Read.


Now I'm into the Novel that was the inspiration for ABC 7's 

Flash Forward by Robert J. Sawyer.


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