Wednesday, December 09, 2009

2 Big Whoas Following Patch Tuesdays Yesterday

Internet Content Logger (FREE)

From Shell Extension City:


Save all incoming and outgoing Internet traffic on the hard disk and capture all the

incoming and outgoing Internet traffic of your programs. Internet Content Logger works on the system level, and supports

nearly all know Internet related programs. The Internet content for each program is saved in its individual log file. The content

log files also are separated by date and by computer users.

If You Need To Keep Track of Everything That Goes On, this Program will save the INFO to a Log File....

Important, this IS a Logger, NOT Spyware...



(( This SNAP of Patch 2 Out of 5
For Patch Tuesday ))

Patch Tuesday Had a Whole Slew of 

Updates for Patch Tuesday

If You Follow Security Guru Steve Gibson on Security Now, with Leo Laporte,

Keeping Up on Update Patches is a Must...



Wingman, Watching Our Backs and Fronts...


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