Wednesday, December 30, 2009

MC2 Post 559: The Funk of 2009. With No Wagnalls

Approaching the End of the Decade with a Bad Cold...

Not very Lyrical But True.

Even my banana and Cheerios tastes funky.

The Funk part came from listening to too much Superfly and Shaft on my iPod Touch.

Oh Yeah, We Built This City on Rock and Roll by Jefferson Starship  

is  Also part of my Retro Collection.

The Superfly Cover (I mean Album Cover) came from 

the Link Below, where there are lots of others 

that bring back memories, which is really what the past 

is, isn't it?

Of course the allusion way above has to do with encyclopedia of an earlier 


The Funk and Wagnalls edition that became 

part of Microsoft's Encarta digital version.  

There's an article about That in the New 

Open Online Encyclopedia Called Wikipedia.



Wingman, Still Not Feeling Too Good.


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