Saturday, December 19, 2009

MC2 Post 549: Best Sellers on the iPod Touch/MP3 Players

I've always been a Fan of Books.  

Worked Part-Time in the College Library, when I went there in the 60's.  

I wanted to to be a Writer.  I'm still working on it.  So it comes as no surprise that 

my favorite App for any Digital Device is an App that let's you download Books.  

I'd Like an eBook Reader like the Kindle, but I don't think it's quite there yet.  

And the price is still too high for us regular folks.

A couple of years ago I signed on to Audible and that has changed quite 

a lot of things.

The Funny part about that is that it required an MP3 Player that worked on 

Windows or the Mac.  

I had neither, being a born-again Open Source Guy that was in awe of Linux 

(still am).  The little OS that could do So Much More, and being Open Source.  

I was a Fan of Linux before it became the favorite of Builders of Super Computing 

Clusters.  And Lately a Favorite of Smart Phone Builders.  

But Still Not compatible with Audible...

Proprietary vendors thought of Linux as an ugly sister that they were not interested 

in dating,  let alone supporting.  

I did have an Windows XP work machine that I had access to, so I went for it.

My first compatible MP3 Player was a 2gb Creative Zen Stone Player.  The one with 

the battery draining but neat (and ultra tiny) OLED blueish display.

It had an FM tuner, Voice Recorder, Clock, stored MP3's and was Audible 


This Player has Served me nicely, with over almost 300 mp3 songs and  5 audible 

books totaling 95 plus hours of reading.

I filled that up pretty quickly, so I picked-up another Creative Zen Stone without the 

OLED, but with a speaker.  The Creative Zen Stone Plus, in Black:

It too Filled-up quickly.

Then the Apple iPod Touch caught my attention.  

Really as an bigger storage device.  

8GB as opposed to 2GB.

I didn't Even have an inkling what a Dang unbelievable Computer that Fit in

my pocket was going to do to me.

Not a Clue!

You don't want to know how many gadgets I have on my little baby.  

For over a year I didn't even put books on it.  

Can't do it with Linux.

Because of iPod Touch, I bought a Windows Vista Desktop.  Yeah, I know.

Dissuaded to join the ranks of the security unholy.  

Why, because of the marvel of a machine the iPod Touch is.

It IS a Cultural and Technological Shift.

I can't state it any other way.

I became in Awe of Technology again.



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