Sunday, December 20, 2009

MC2 Post 550: The Good News and The Bad News

Good News 1.

HDTV Christmas Sales at 

Best Buy, Sears and Target Stores:

135 to 26 characters.  Remember when writers were paid by the Letter?  That's what it reminds me of; Chicken Feeders.

Also Good News.

iPhone Now the Punching Bag of SNL.


Jimmy Fallon and the Nerdy Guy Yuk it Up

Late Night Style (videos)

The Bad News

"Remember that any praise of Windows 
doesn't go unpunished.."

BSOD the sequel.

This Weekend, I suffered my first BSOD on my less than year-old Vista machine.  

I was just about ready to offer some praise to the little beastie, 

for being kinda-sorta stable.

After an hour of pushing buttons it restored to a 

previous setting.  


Wingman, still sweating the little stuff...


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