Monday, December 14, 2009

Post 544: Two Days Before the Mast (lit).


Two Days Before the Mast.


NewsPick Links:


If You Ever Need a Breakdown Review of NEW Hardware, 

Tom's Hardware is THE Place to Look.


On A Lighter Note, 

Here's Tom Hardware's 

2009 Gift Guide:

Note to My Family members, That 24" DELL LCD Display Looks pretty cool to Me.

I said The Monitor...


And Speaking about Big Displays,  

How about the New iMac 27"

reviewed by

Wingman QUIETLY shaking his Head.....

143 characters of Foolishness....

More Logicol TinyURL:


Never One to Pick Great Movies for Real SF Fans, Wired tries again and

Predicts Avatar will change a lot of Things.

James Cameron’s New 3-D Epic 

Could Change Film Forever

Wired's Links Are SO OLD SCHOOL though... at 171 characters LONG.


This makes more SENSE at only 26 characters...

From ExtremeTech

(Nothing to Do With The Character From The Get Smart Show)

Is Larrabee Dead?: 

The Tangled Future of CPUs and GPUs


Above Link Link Not Functional because it's The

Winner of the BOZO's Award for character length at 183...

Use This Instead, It's the Logical thing to do.


Wingman, Blogging


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