Friday, June 20, 2008

Need A New "YMAIL" email address?

According to DailyTech, citing AP:
Yahoo mail has been losing new customers to Google’s Gmail service. According to the AP, Gmail added 30 million users in the last year and has about 101 million users total. Yahoo mail currently has about 266 million users and Microsoft has about 264 million users. Both Yahoo and Microsoft’s mail offerings are growing at a slower rate than Gmail.


To address this point Yahoo announced today that starting around 12:00 pm they will begin
registering new email address under the domains “ymail” and “rocketmail”.

The purchase of Four11 Corp back in the late 1990’s included the Rocketmail domain.
The new email domains will offer the same features as accounts using the Yahoo email domain. Users wanting to get a new email account can sign up at:

Also from DailyTECH

Link Solid:

Hardware: Update:

AMD PREPS Radeon 4850 Launch for June 25
This is the other side of the coin of:
AMD Firestorm in the Wind
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