Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day and Sailing the Horns of Plenty

I spent Father's Day morning watering the grass as I listened to my wife's portable MP3 player and some of her music. One of the songs: Dancing Bear by the Mama's and Papas has some clever lines:
Dancing Bear
by Mamas and Papas

I wouldn't want to be a chimney sweep
All black from head to foot

From climbing in them chimneys And cleaning out that soot.
With a broom and ladder and pail,
The darkened walls I scale -

And far..and high...I see a patch of sky.

I'd rather be the gypsy (I'd rather be the gypsy)
Whose camped at the edge of town - (Camped at the edge of town)
The one who has the dancing bear
That follows him around.
And he lifts his big foot up; He puts his big foot down
And bows...and twirls... And dances 'round and 'round.

I found I was a cabin boy last night as I did dream -
Bound upon a magic ship for a land I'd never seen.

And the moon she filled our sails; And the stars they steered our course;
And on our bow there was a golden horse.

The queen eats fruit and candy; the bishop nuts and cheese
And when I am a grown man, I'll taste just what I please -
The honey from the bee, the shellfish from the sea,
The earth, the wind, a girl, someone to share these things with me.

I wouldn't want to be a chimney sweep, etc...
(I'd rather be the gypsy, etc...) (I dreamed I was a cabin boy, etc...)

I also visited one of my favorite Linux Sites, the one that showcase's the latest programs that are mostly free, mostly open source and a great site to taste a new piece of software.

The site is called Freshmeat:

Unless you close your eyes, you can never be bored with Linux.

The software available from Freshmeat Daily (I don't advise going there daily...It's better to pace yourself and learn to pick and choose stuff you're really interested in or curious about.) will make you feel like that cabin boy exploring a software world of goodies.

Wingman, indulging...


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