Thursday, June 05, 2008

Twitter Effect: Did New Media Do Hillary In?

From the beginning of the campaign it appeared that the Obama Team was more Tech savy than the Hillary Team. Internet, text messaging and even Twitter played a resounding role in this campaign.

I personally found it easy to "follow" Obama on Twitter. I tried the same for Hillary and was dismayed by the number of choices that seemed scatter-gun rather than focused.

A few days after following Obama, I received a Twitter that Obama was "Following Me". That simple action, was a stroke of genius. And a deft realization of the Power of New Media.

Not many are aware of the social gathering tools, such as Twitter, and how to use them to best advantage. It appears the Obama Team did, and used it a a critical point in the campaign.

New Media (the Internet, and Social Networking) will beat Old Media every time, and points to the need to be New Media savy.

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