Monday, June 23, 2008

Mozilla Firefox, On A Stick

Did You just struggle through getting the latest version of Firefox Browser 3.0? Yeah, the Big Download Tuesday got me too, and the demand shut down the Mozilla servers for a while. But I Was able to snag a copy. Wish you could take your Firefox Browser with you? Well you can, at Portable apps they have downloadable Firefox editions that you can load onto a USB flash drive, and be happy whereever you go.

Get your copy at:

Here's a T-Shirt that radiates bars when you get near a WiFi Hotspot. You know you want want one... Only $29.99 at ThinkGeek, linked here:

And for those of you that say money is no object, how about an $1800.00 KEYBOARD?

Michael DELL has one, how about You?

Here's a close-up of what you're paying for:

Ooooo, pretty!

Yeah, each Key is programmable with an icon or picture of your choice, This lets you adapt the keys to whatever specialty program you're running; say like Photoshop, or whatever.

Pricey, yes but in a few years from now all keyboards will look like this...

Wingman, still just a Geek.

PS. I didn't put a link in for the Keyboard.


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