Thursday, June 05, 2008

Is Network News Still Relevant?

Newspapers are dying on the Presses, Ad dollars migrating to the Web. Local Newscasts are visual regurgitators of the Times, both New York and Los Angeles. And Network News are Glorified pulpits for Anchor Celebs that shuffle commentators faster than Johnny did on the "Tonight Show".

Even the venerable 60 minutes has become a ticking bomb of a newscast. Whatever happened to the Cronkites and the Brinkley's?

CNN has become a fireman with a camera chasing the latest catastrophe with silly YouTube styled clips.

The problem my friends is focus. And the focus is not news, it's advertisers. And everyone has something to sell, and the pitchmen and women are like the carpetbaggers of old. Prancing for the fast buck and then off to the next marketing hero.

It's better to go offshore, like the BBC to get a better perspective about is important for me to know about here in the States.

And the Web, without a 2.0 nailed to it, is still the best way to get access to it. And BBC podcasts are just a click away.

Right now, on GMA, someone is actually interviewing Adam Sandler.

Now that's news worthy...

Wingman way out.

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