Saturday, June 28, 2008

I Love The Buzz of Twitter in the Morning

Looking at the "How Stuff Works" site, one can't but be amazed at the popularity of Twitter.

Created by Evan Williams, that gave us Blogger (The Blogging App I Use). Blogger was eventually bought by Google and Williams went with it. There he met and worked with Biz Stone and the two decided to leave Google and create something New.

That something New was Odeo.

Odeo is a podcasting service company. According to Williams, he didn't have a personal interest in podcasting, and under his guidance, the company temporarily lost focus. However, one of Odeo's products was just beginning to gather steam: Twitter, a new messaging service. Stone gave Twitter its name, comparing the short spurts of information exchange to the chirping of birds and pointing out that many ring tones sound like bird calls [source: San Francisco Chronicle].

As the service became a more important part of Odeo, Stone and Williams decided to form a new company with Twitter as the flagship product. Williams bought out Odeo and Twitter from investors, then combined the existing company and service into a new venture called Obvious Corporation.
Jack Dorsey joined the team and began to develop new ways for users to interface with Twitter, including through computer applications like instant messaging and e-mail. In March 2006, Twitter split off from Obvious to become its own company, Twitter Incorporated.

Well, to make a great Big Story shorter, Twitter had legs and caught on. The Apps listed here is an indication of how well this little App is doing.
Third party Apps for Twitter:
Twitterlicious: For PCs

Twitterific: For Macs

OutTwit: For Outlook

Tweet Scan: For searching public Twitter Posts

Twessenger: Integrates with Live Messenger 8.1

Twittervision: Integrates into Google Maps
and Flickervision

Flotzam: Integrates with Facebook, Flickr and blogs

iTunes to Twitter: For Mac computers, broadcasts the title of a song currently playing on his or her network.

TwitterBox: Twitter App that works inside Second Life.

Some of my Twitter "Tweets" are on the Top Left Corner.

I'm on Twitter as:

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