Monday, November 21, 2011

MC2 Post 1109 Dealing with the Morning Squawkers

RE: Java, Nokia, Open Office and of course
All Things Adobe

I've been trying to move to Chrome for some-time-now, but since I use a "shared" home computer I haven't been able to do it yet.

If Chrome was a bit more novice-friendly and if my personal tab bar and Bookmarks gotten so out of hand, I'd move to Chrome in a flash.  Gee, I wish I hadn't said That.

Adobe is one of those morning Squawkers driving me
to the Brink.

Others in this rogues gallery include: Java, Nokia, Open Office and Adobe's Flash Player which really cool new websites

refuse to believe this is Pretty-Old-Bloated-Software
that should be Deep-Sixed.

Didn't you believe Steve Jobs when he refused to HAVE IT (Adobe) ON THE IPHONE a few years ago?

Don't you realize "HacKers" (the Bad Kind) just love to mess with these programs that are constantly
needing to be UPDATED! 

And if You-Miss-One, you may be asking for trouble.

Chrome (selling point), does this for you automatically.  Makes sure you're running the latest Patched Version of Adobe's best-loved hackers target.

Life would be so much easier if these really needed updates took place when needed instead of The-Second-Tuesday of the Month. 

If you were a hacker, when would you
let malware loose? I'd worry about the Wednesday After-the-Second Tuesday!

For the Present, longing for a better, safer Web with Chrome When-Needed auto-updater, Keep strict control of Timely Updates.

The Wingman.

Yes, Amazon Does have the McCaw Squawker for Sale...



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