Monday, November 07, 2011

MC2 Post 1099 Do You Speak MoBo?

MoBo is "Build-Your-Own-PC" Talk for MotherBoard. 

And for folks that do that sort of thing, the MoBo is a Big Deal.

The Thing is, One part of the Mobo hasn't changed in a LONG Time. And That's the BIOS, an old acronym for Basic Input/Output System. 

The Starter program, on the MoBo that does quite a lot of checking and testing of the system before it Boots the OS, which of course is the Operating SystemWindows, Apple, Linux or whatever.  

You know there are well over 300 variants of the Linux Distro (distributions) out there and I'm not-even talking about them.

Anyway, the MoBo's are pretty much built to work the snappiest with the first three, Windows, Apple and Linux.

Which OS is the bulk of the Mobos made for?
Take a Guess.

Actually Windows PC and Linux.  Apple Does it's own Thing.  The Linux part would probably fools you because they are mainly for Servers,Database Farms and Super Computers. 

And they don't look anthing like what we're talking about here.

Those 300+ Linux Distros will, pretty much, work with anything made for the Windows OS.  (This may Change with Windows 8).

In my early days of building-my-own PC's, the BIOS of choice was something called Phoenix.  That's been many moons ago though.  There's a nice little write up about Old Phoenix in Wikipedia.

Anyway, System BIOS's don't change much, but when they do--It's News.  And I still keep an eye on the raw sub-sytems.

Out With the OLD PC BIOS Please 
and in with the NEW!

From Ryan Shrout, on Google+

Many motherboard manufacturers have phased out the old school .BIOS in favor of a shiny graphical user interface (GUI) UEFI BIOS that adds support for booting from larger capacity hard drives and presenting configuration screens that are able to be navigated with mouse or touch controls. Gigabyte has been somewhat quiet on the UEFI BIOS front, until now that is.

Starting with Intel’s new X79 chipset based motherboards, the company will begin using a new “3D BIOS.”


Gigabyte Infusing X79 Motherboards With 3D UEFI BIOS | PC Perspective




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