Sunday, November 13, 2011

MC2 Post 1103 CBS Sunday Morning When the Drawn Should be Quartered

As a Faithful Fan of the Sunday Comics

and Cartoons in General, 
( I Draw the Yaller Dawg cartoon. )

I respectfully protest.

I take Offense when the Very Serious Book about 13 Bankers,  is explain with "Saturday-Morning cartoons.

It's not cute and for the millions of Americans suffering the Unnamed Depression, it's Not Funny either.

Are they trying to explain the Financial Facts of Life 
to Children? 

It's Too Late.  Bankers, Wall Street  and the Misfits of Congress have screwed us over 9 ways from Sunday.

You can't surface bomb interest in a serious topic with just a half-twitter and some Cartoons and  
THINK you covered the subject.

I like CBS Sunday Morning.  
But Today, they dropped the ball.

Lopez, creator of Yaller Dawg.





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